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Polity Quiz-3

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Polity Quiz-3
Polity Quiz-3
Q. When did United Nation was drafted ?
a. 26 june1945       b. 26 Nov 1945   c. 15 Aug 1947      d. 14 Aug 1941 
Ans : 14th August,1941

 Q. When did United Nation charter  was signed ?
a. 26 Nov 1949    b. 26 june 1945    c. 14 Aug 1941    d. 15 Aug 1947
Ans : 26th june ,1945

 Q. When did United Nation was established ?
 a. 20 Oct 1947    b. 26 June 1945     c. 24 Oct 1945    d. 14 Aug 1941
Ans : 24th October ,1945

Q. When did United Nations flag was adopted ?
a. 20 oct 1947     b. 14 Aug 1941     c. 26 Oct 1947     d. 26 Nov 1949
Ans : 20th October 1947

Q. How many official languages are there in United Nation ?
a.  Four    b. Three    c. Two    d. Six
Ans : Six languages

Q. How many members are currently present in United Nation ?
a. 51    b.193     c.192       d.163
Ans : 193 members

Q.Where did the HQ of United Nation is located ?
a. San Francisco     b. Washington      c. New York     d. The Haque
Ans : New York

Q. Where is the HQ of  the "League of Nation "  ?
a. Paris   b. Washington   c. Geneva  d. Norway
Ans :Geneva

Q. In which year United Nation won Nobel Peace Prize ?
a. 2001     b. 1965     c. 1941     d. 1945
Ans : In year 2001

Q. A joint declaration  the "Atlantic Charter " was signed at -
a. New York     b. San Francisco     c. Washington      d. The Haque
Ans : San Francisco

Q. The United Nation consists of how many organs ?
a. Five     b. seven     c. Two     d. Six
Ans : Six

Q.Which of the following organ is also known as the deliberative assembly or policy maker ?
a. Security Council     b. ICJ      c. General Assembly    d. The Trusteeship Council
Ans : General Assembly

Q. The membership in the security council is limited to how many countries ?
a. 12       b. 9      c. 15     d. 26
Ans : 15 countries

Q. How many members are permanent in the security council ?
a. 2 members     b. 10 members      c.5 members     d. 18 members
Ans : 5 members

Q. How many members are non permanent members of the security council ?
a. 1         b. 14       c. 11       c. 10
Ans : 10 members

Q. The non permanent members in the security council are appointed for a term of-
a. Three     b. Six     c. Four       d. Two   
Ans :  Two years

Q. Which is the largest organ of the United Nation ?
a. Security Council    b. Genaral Assembly     c. The ICJ      d. The Trusteeship Council
Ans : General Assembly

Q. The Economic and Social Council of the United Nation consists consists of  how many members ?
a. 51       b. 52           c. 54         d. 193
Ans : 54 members

Q. The president of the ECOSOC is elected for the term of -
a. Two      b. Three      c. One     d. Six
Ans : One  year

Q. Who is the president of ECOSOC at present ?
a. Olof Scoog     b. Antonio Guterees     c. Flippo Grandi    d. Marie Chatardova
Ans : Marie Chatardova

Q. From which year The Trusteeship Council is inactive ?
a. 1945      b.1996      c.1994     d. 1947
Ans : 1994

Q. The "Trusteeship Council" was formed in the year -
a. 1992     b.1996      c.1947       d.1945
Ans :1945

Q.How many territories under the Trusteeship Council are freed ?
a. Ten       b. Fifty One      c. Eleven           d. Sixty four
Ans : Eleven Territories

Q. Which of the following organ is also known as world court ?
a. The Trusteeship Council      b. ICJ        c. Genaral Assembly     d. The Secretariat
Ans : ICJ

Q. The No. of judges present in the International Court of Justice are -
a.  2 judges     b.  10 judges      c. 15 judges       d. 8 judges
Ans :15 judges

Q. The judges of the ICJ are elected for a term of -
a. Ten       b. Four       c. Six      d.Nine
Ans : Nine years

Q. The United Nation Secretary general is elected for a term of -
a. Two       b. Ten     c. Five      d.  Seven
Ans : Five years

Q. Who is the current Secretary General of the United Nation ?
a. Antonio Guterres      b. Flippo Grandi      c. Mike pence      d. Paul Ryan
Ans: Antonio Guterres

Q.  "Peace Palace"  located " in -
a. United States       b. Washington       c. The Haque      d. Switzerland
Ans : The Haque , Netherland

Q. The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights " adopted by United Nation on-
a. 2 Dec 1947      b. 10 Dec 1948      c. 24 Dec 1978      d.  24 Nov 1949
Ans : 10th December 1948

Q. "Antonio Guterres"(The secretary General) belongs to which country ?
a. Norway      b. Turkey      c.Maldives     d. Portugal
Ans : Portugal

Q. In which year Security Council increased from 11 members to 15 members ?
a. 1963     b. 1945       c. 1920       d. 1965
Ans : In year 1965

Q.Who got the Nobel peace prize in 1965 ?
a. WHO      b. UNDP       c. UNHRC      d. UNICEF

Q.  Who is currently the president of UNHCR ?
a. Miroslav Lacjak     b. Flippo Grandi    c. Olof Scoog    d. Paul Ryan
Ans : Flippo Grandi

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History Quiz-2

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History Quiz-2
History Quiz-2

Q. The  "Mauryan Empire " was founded by
Ans : Chandragupta Maurya

Q. Who defeated the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha ?
Ans : Chandragupta maurya

Q. Who was the successor of Chandragupta Maurya ?
Ans : Bindusara

Q. Bindusara was also known by -
Ans : Amritraghataor Ajathasetru

Q. Who  was also known as Devanampriya and priyadarshin ?
Ans  : Ashoka

Q. Which dynasty used to controlled silk route over Central Asia ?
Ans : Kushan Dynasty

Q. The " Gandhara School of Art " belongs to which dynasty ?
Ans : Kushana Dynasty

Q. The powerful king which was also refer as the title of  Maharajadiraja ?
Ans : Chandragupta-1

Q. Hiuen  Tsang visited India during the reign of -
Ans : Harshavardhana

Q.The first battle of Panipat was fought in year -
Ans :1526

Q. Vasco Di Gama arrive to India in the year -
Ans :1498

Q. The book "Rama Charitramanas " was authored by
Ans : Tulsidas

Q. Gautam Buddha was born at -

Q.Name the Buddhists religious book ?
Ans : Jatakas

Q. Where the 4th Buddhist council was organized ?
Ans : Kundalavana (Kashmir)

Q. Arthashastra was written by -
Ans : Kautilya

Q.The sects called Mahayana and Hinayana related to -
Ans : Kushan Dynasty

Q. Who was also known as the Indian Napoleon because of his conquests ?
 Ans :Samudragupta

Q. Razia Begum belongs to which dynasty
Ans : Slave Dynasty

Q. The Jama Masjid , Taj Mahal & Red fort were built by-
Ans : Shahjahan

Q. Who discovered Harrapa sites ?
Ans : Dayaram Sahni

Q. The Mohenjodaro located on the bank of river-
Ans : Indus

Q. Harrapa located on the bank of river -
Ans : Ravi

Q. The fire altars were discovered at -
Ans :kalibangan and Lothal

Q. What is the another name of Gautam Buddha ?
Ans : Siddharta

Q. The jains wer divided into two sects -
Ans : Svetambaras and Digambaras

Q. Who wrote "Indica" ?
Ans : Megasthenes

Q.Who established Sunga dynasty ?
Ans : Pushyamitra

Q. The book named "Tarik i Hind" was written by
Ans : Alberuni

Q. Who founded the "Vijayanagar Empire " ?
Ans : Harihara and Bukka in year 1336

Q. Name the three main dynasties of Vijayanagar Kingdom ?
Ans : Sangamas , Tuluvas and Aravidis

Q.Who was the famous ruler of vijayanagar kingdom and which dynasty he belonged?
Ans : Krishnadeva Raya

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Current Affairs Quiz-4

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Current Affairs Quiz-4
Current Affairs Quiz-4
Current Affairs Quiz-4

Q. Dead zones are the area of low oxygen concentration which does not support life . Here the word dead zone is used for ?
a. Hilly areas        b. restricted areas    c. Oceans and rivers      d.Barmuda triangle
Ans : Oceans and Rivers

Q.Who is the new Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
a. Harivansh Narayan Singh   b. Suresh Prabhu   c. C.P Thakur    d. Shri R. K Sinha
Ans :harivansh Narayan Singh

Q. Where is Okinoshima Island is located ?
a. India   b. China    c. Japan    d. North Korea
Ans :Japan

Q. The disease named "Scrub Typus " is news recently is caused by -
a. bacteria    b. Parasite    c. Virus    d. Infection
Ans : Parasite

Q. On which day International Democracy Day is celebrated  ?
a. 10 Aug     b. 15 Sep     c.15 Nov    d. 1 Dec
Ans : 15 Sep

Q. The first tribal circuit under swadesh darshan scheme is implemented at-
a. Goa    b. Madya Pradesh     c. Chattisgarh    d. Rajasthan
Ans : Chattisgarh

Q. Where did the Global Climate Action Summit was held ?a. New York    b. South Africa    c. Norway      d. Maldives 
Ans : San -Francisco, California

Q. The KAZIND-2018 joint military army exercise will be between -
a. India-USA   b. India-Kazakhstan    c. USA- China       d. USA- Kazakhastan
Ans : India- Kazakhstan

Q. Which Indian film of Bollywood has become first movie to be released in Saudi Arabia ?
a. Gandhi    b.  Slumdog Millionare     c. Gold    d. La La Land
Ans : Gold

Q.Which of the following has launched Grofen-11 which is an earth observational satellite ?
a. India      b. USA     c. Russia     d. China
Ans : China

Q. The " Mukhyamantri Kanya Uttham Yojana " for girl child launched by which state ?
a. Punjab      b. Bihar       c. Karnataka        d. Rajasthan
Ans : Bihar

Q. Baiga  tribes belongs to which state ?
a. Maharashtra    b. Rajasthan   c. Madhya Pradesh    d. Goa
Ans : Madhya Pradesh

Q. Which of the following community who fled from Mizoram to Tripura because of inter community violence ?
a. Baiga tribes     b. Bru community    c. Bhil     d. Gond
Ans : Bru community

Q.The App named "cVigil" launched by
a. Finance commission    b. Election commission    c. Planning commission   d. National Development Council
Ans : Election Commission

Q.The Article 371A is a special provision which is granted to-
a. Assam    b. Nagaland    c. Maharashtra     d. Sikkim
Ans : Nagaland

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PM-AASHA (Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan)

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PM-AASHA Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan
PM-AASHA (Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan)

PM-AASHA (Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan)

It is a new umbrella scheme mainly for the farmers to protect their income and to provide them with the benefits for a longer period of the time. It was launched by Shri Narendra Modi on 12th of September.

Different components or Appraoch of this scheme are:

Price Support Scheme(PSS)
Price Deficiency Payment Scheme(PDPS)
Pilot of Private Procurement & Stockist Scheme(PPPS)

PSS - Price Support Scheme : Here in this scheme the physical procurement of pulses , oilseeds and copra will be done by both Central Nodal Agencies and the State govts. The central govt will bear the procurement loses and expenditure up to 25% of the production. With this NAFED (National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India ) and FCI (Food Corporation of India) will take up PSS operations in states and districts.

PDPS - Price Deficiency Payment Scheme : It will Cover all oilseeds for which MSP is notified. Here the farmers will get direct  payment of the differences in between MSP and Selling price in their registered bank account. The support will be given to this scheme as per the norms.

PPPS - Pilot of Private Procurement & Stockist Scheme : The participation of the private sector will be piloted in procurement operation. It is also decided that for oilseeds , the states have the option to rolled out this scheme on the pilot basic  in selected districts and the APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committes) those who are involved in the private stockist .The selected private agency will be able to obtain the commodity at MSP during the notified period from the registered farmers with PPSS guidelines. The 15% of the notified MSP will be payable if the market price fall below the notified MSP.

The cabinet has also given additional  govt. guarantee of Rs. 16,550 crore and hence making it total Rs 45,550 crore. with this our budget provision of procurement operation has increased and also 15,053 crore has been sanctioned for PM-AASHA implementation.

Pro-farmer initiatives by the govt :

So efforts have been made to give more and more renumerative prices to the farmers for their production  and also focussing on realize the dream of  Doubling the farmer's income by 2022. This initiative also include setting up of GrAMs(Gramin Agriculture markets) to promote 22,000 retail marketers in the close proximity of the farm gate and to achieve competitive and transparent wholesale trade with a robust and pro-farmer export policy. The other pro-farmer initiative includes- PMFBY , PMKSY , Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana and Soil health card schemes.

 Notes :
 NAFED - It stands for National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India. It is an apex organization of the marketing cooperatives for agriculture production. It comes under the Ministry of Agriculture  and It was founded in October 1958 with its Head Quarter in  New Delhi. It has four regional offices at Delhi , Mumbai , Chennai and Kolkata with 28 zonal offices in different states.

FCI- It stands for Food Corporation of India. It was set up on 14th Jan,1965. Its HQ is now in New Delhi ,but previously it was at Chennai.

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Current Affairs Quiz-3

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Current Affairs Quiz-3

Note : Its my humble request to all my readers ,if you found some mistakes or errors , please write it in the comment below so that we can correct it. As we are humans and we do mistakes so please pardon us ....You can give feedback to us any time you want . Thank U readers!!!!
Current Affairs Quiz-3
Q. Recently the Lombak Island was in news because of deadly earthquake, Where this Island is situated ?
a. USA    b. South Africa    c. Indonesia    d. Maldives   
Q. Where did the 9th summit of BRICS was held ?
a. India    b. South Africa    c. China    d. Qatar   
Q. India is going to take S-400 aircraft weapon system from which country ?
a. USA    b. South Africa    c. China    d. Qatar   
Q.What is name of the joint military exercise between Nepal and China ?
a. Yudh Abyas-18    b. Nomadic Elephant-18    c. maitree    d. Sagarmatha Friendship-18   
Q. Under which scheme of the govt. has decided to increase the MSP to 1.5 times the production cost ?
a. PMKVY    b. PMJDY    c. PM-AASHA    d. RSBY   
Q. Name the new Chief Justice of India ?
a. Jawarlal Nehru    b. Vinod Rai    c. Ranjan Gogoi    d. Urjit Patel   
Q. Which of the following is related with NPA(Non Performing Asset)?
a.Bad Loans    b. Bank Loans    c.Mutual funds    d.Equity fund   

Polity Quiz-2

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Polity Quiz-2
Polity Quiz-2

Polity Quiz-2

Q. Which  Article is  related to the constitution of  Jammu and Kashmir issue ?
a. Article-21       b. Article-20         c. Article-14          d.Article-35A
Ans : Article-35A

Q. The Annual financial Statement  in our constitution comes under Article -
a. Article-14     b. Article-18     c. Article-112     d.Article-21A
Ans : Article 112

Q. The president's impeachment process is initiated under Article-
a. Article-52    b. Article-60     c. Article-61     d. Article-47
Ans : Article 61

Q. Which articles get suspended at the time of National Emergency ?
a. Article 20 & 21     b. Article 51    c. Article 51A      d. Article 15
Ans : Article 20 & 21

Q. What is the retirement age of the High court judges ?
a.65 years       b.62 years      c. 60 years      d. 52 years
Ans :62 years

Q. The Financial emergency falls under Article -
a. Article-280    b. Article-360    c. Article-365     d. Article-356
Ans : Article 280

Q.When did INC(indian National Congress ) formed ?
a. 26 Nov,1949       b. 26 Jan,1950       c. 28 Dec,1885       d. 9 Dec,1946
Ans :28 Dec,1885

Q.How many states have both legislative Assembly and Legislative Council ?
a. Four         b.Seven       c. Eight      d. Eleven
Ans : Seven States

Q. The "Panchayati Raj" comes under Article-
a. Article (148-151)      b. Article (352)       c. Article (360)    d. Article (243- 243O)
Ans : Article 243 - 243O

Q.   The Panchayati Raj was first introduced by which state ?
a. Kerela          b. Rajasthan        c.Andhra Pradesh         d. Kolkata
Ans : Rajasthan

Q.In which house of the parliament money bill is introduced ?
a. Rajya Sabha     b. Lok Sabha      c. Parlaiment        d. Constitution
Ans : Lok Sabha

Q. What should be the minimum age to be qualified as a mamber of Rajya sabha ?
a. 32 years       b. 30 years      c. 25 years      d. 35 years
Ans : 30 years

Q. Which of the following is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya sabha ?
a. President          b.Vice President        c. Governor         d. Prime Minister
Ans : Vice president

Q. Who is the present president of India ?
a. Ram Nath Kovind      b. Venkaiah Naidu     c. Shri Pranab Mukherjee     d. Pratibha Patil
Ans : Ram Nath kovind

Q.How many members of Rajya sabha nominated by the President of India ?
a.  2 members        b.12 members      c. 10 members        d. 1 member
Ans: 12 members

Q. What is the term or tenure of both the houses of the parliament i.e Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha ?
a. 5 years, 6 years         b. 5 years , 4 years        c. 6 years, 5 years     d. 4 years, 5 years
Ans : ( a )  Lok sabha -5 years and Rajya Sabha- 6 years

Q. The two members of Anglo -Indian Community of Lok sabha are nominated by
a. Governor      b. President       c. Chief Minister       d.Prime Minister
Ans : President

Q.The membership in the Rajya Sabha is mainly limited to
a. 552          b. 250           c. 548          d. 545
Ans : 250 members

Q.The membership in the  Lok Sabha is limited to-
a. 552        b.  548        c.250       d.545
Ans : 552

Q. Under which Article the maximum strength of the  members of the parliament  of Lok Sabha  to be 552 ?
a. Article  80          b. Article 88            c. Article 81             d. Article 74
Ans : Article 81

Q. Under which Article Attorney General of India comes -
 a. Article 74         b. Article  76           c. Article  84       d. Article 88
Ans : Article 76

Q. Who determine the renumeration of Attorney general ?
a. Governor      b. President        c. CAG          d. Chief Justice
Ans : President

Q.Who appears in the Supreme Court on behalf of the govt. in any of  the cases concerned where Govt. of India is concerned?
a. Solicitor General  of India    b. Attorney General of India      c. Chief justice of India         d. Central Vigilance Commission
Ans : Attorney General of India

Q. Who assist Attorney General  and they are not mentioned in the constitution ?
a. CAG          b.CVC              c.President         d. Solicitor General  of India
Ans : The Solicitor General of India

Q. Which of the following are not debarred from doing private legal practice ?
a. Solicitor General      b. Chief Justice      c. President      d. Attorney General
Ans : Attorney General

Q.The rights of Attorney General comes under Article -
a. Article 88       b. Article 266     c.  Article 50       d. Aricle 105
Ans : Article 88

Q. Who audits the account related to all the expenditure from the consolidated fund of India ?
a. Central Vigilance  Commission        b. Attorney General        c. CAG            d. President
Ans : CAG

Q.Under which Article Comptroller and Auditor General  of India  falls -
a. Article 18        b. Article 17        c. Article 148       d. Article 50 
Ans : Article 148

Q. Who does the audit work on the tax of the public ?
a. President     b. Attorney General      c. Finance commission     d. CAG
Ans : CAG

Q. Who was the first CAG of India in 1948-54 ?
a. VInod Rai      b. V. Narahari Rao       c. Mr. Rajiv Mehrishi    d. Shashi kant Sharma
Ans : V. Narahari Rao

Q.The details of the Audit reports submitted by CAG to the presidend falls under which Article -
a. Article  11       b. Article 3          c. Article   151          d. Article 169
Ans :Article 151

Q. Which of the following post is appointed to prevent corruption in the central government ?
a. CAG        b. Attorney General       c. Central Vigilance Commission        d. Prime Minister
Ans: CVC - Central Vigilance Commision

Q. How much is the allowanaces or salary  of a CVC ?
a. High Court judges        b.  UPSC chairman        c. Supreme Court Judges     d. Chief Justice
Ans : Same as UPSC chairman

Q. The term Budget is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution but it is known by some other name in our constitution .Name it ?
a. Allowance     b. Allocation    c. Annual financial Statement     d. Budgeting
Ans : Annual Financial Statement

Q. Under which Article the state legislature  council can be abolished or created ?
a. Article 169          b. Article   88            c. Article 105         d. Article 110
Ans : Article 169

Q. In which states of India ,we see no Panchayati Raj ?
a. Rajasthan ,Andhra pradesh        b. Manipur and Assam     c. Goa         d. Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya
Ans :Nagaland , Mizoram and Meghalaya

Q. Which of the following corporations does their audit privately ?
a.ONGC        b. RBI          c.CWC           d. Air India
Ans : RBI

Q.Which one of the following funds of India needs parliamentary confirmation to release funds ?
a. Contingency fund     b. Public Account       c. Consolidated Fund        d. Estimate fund
Ans : Consolidated Fund

Q. Under which Part and Article Centre-State  Administration  relations comes -
a. Part 11 ,Article- (245-255)       b. Part 11, Article-(256-263)      c. Part  12, Article -(268-293)
Ans : Part 11 , Article -(256-263)

Q. Under which part emergency provisions falls -
a. Part 11         b. Part III       c. Part 18         d. Part   IVA
Ans :Part 18

Q. Till now how many times National Emergency was introduced ?
a. Four times     b. Three times      c. Two Times       d. None
Ans : Three times

Q. The timing of the Question Hour is usually -
a. 11am -12pm         b. 1pm -3 pm         c. 2 pm -6 pm          d. 2 pm -  5 pm
Ans :11am - 12pm

Q.Under which article money bill falls-
a. article 21       b. Article 169     c. Article 110      d.  Article 111
Ans : Article 110

Q. Which of the following Article gives power to the Governor to suspend the sentence of a person ?
a. Article 53        b. Article 153     c. Article 157        d. Article 161
Ans : Article 161

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Note : Its my humble request to all my readers ,if you found some mistakes or errors , please write it in the comment below so that we can correct it. As we are humans and we do mistakes so please pardon us ....
Thank U readers!!!!

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Current Affairs Quiz-2

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Current Affairs Quiz-2
Current Affairs Quiz-2

Current Affairs Quiz-2

Q. On which date Hindi day is celebrated ?
a. 12 sep              b.26th jan         c.   14th sep          d.21st feb
Ans : 14th September

Q.What was the theme of  World Anti-Suicide Day observed on 10th of september ?
Ans : Working together to prevent Suicide

Q.PM-AASHA  Scheme related to
a.Science         b.Agriculture       c.Farmers         d.Railways
Ans :Farmers

Q. Where is vatican city located ?
a. New York           b. Switzerland           c.Malayasia        d. United States
Ans : Rome (Italy)

Q. Who was the first Vice president of our India ?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad         b. Dr. B.R Ambedkar      c. Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan        d.Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans :Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan

Q.What is the capital of Rwanda  and its currency ?
a.Washington & Dollar    b. Tokya & Yen   c. Jakarta and  Indonesian Rupaih    d.Kigali & Rwandan Franc
Ans : Kigali  and Rwandan Franc

Q. What is name of the first military exercise which is conducted by BIMSTEC ?
a.Yudh-Abhyas 2018      b.MILEX-18         c. Maitree       d. Operation Madad
Ans : MILEX-2018

Q.Which ministry of our country has first launched the National  Scholarship Portal App ?
a. Human Resource    b. Railway Ministry     c. Civil Aviation    d. Minority Affairs
Ans : The ministry of Minority Affairs

Q.Which company has built country's  India's first ocean surveillance ship ?
a.Mazagon Dock Limited    b. The HSL    c. Naval dockyard    d. Garden Reach Shipbuilders
Ans :The  HSL (Hindustan  Shipyard Limited)

Q.Which organization released the monthly report of IIP  ( Index of Industrial production ) ?
a.WHO     b.WIPO      c.  The CSO       d.Unicef
Ans :The  CSO(Central Statistical Organization)

Q. The Government of which state has banned the sale  and manufacture of e-cigrates ?
a. Kerela     b. Tamilnadu      c. Orissa      d. Visakhapatnam
Ans : Tamilnadu

Q. Where is Bhaba Atomic Research Centre located ?
a. Mumbai      b.New Delhi      c. Kolkata      d. London
Ans: Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Q.The Akhaura-Agartala railway project signed by which two countries ?
a. India-USA          b. UK-China           c.India - Bangladesh        d. USA- Russia
Ans : India -Bangladesh

Q. The  joint-military exercise Nomadic Elephant-2018 conducted between which two countries ?
a. Chinia-Nepal   b.Nepal-India     c.India- Mongolia     d. India- USA
Ans : India- Mongolia

Q.Which of the following country is not participating  in the first military exercise of BIMSTEC  which is going to be held in pune, Maharashtra ?
a. UK           b.  Maldives           c. Nepal           d.India
Ans : Nepal

Q.The Kempegowda  International Airport is in which state ?
a. Kerela       b. Tamilnadu        c. Goa          d.Bengaluru
Ans : Bengaluru,The Capital of Karnataka

Q. Name the joint naval exercise which is conducted between India and Srilanka at Trinocomalee ?
a.  MILEX-18       b. Yudh Abhyas-18     c. Nomadi Elephant-18    d. SLINEX-18
Ans : SLINEX-18

Q. Which one of the following has launched the new search engine for  scientific community ?
a. Yahoo          b. Bing         c. Google            d. Safari
Ans : Google

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