Sep 22, 2018

History Quiz-3

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History Quiz-3
History Quiz-3

Q. When did the English East India Company was established as per the Royal Charter ?
Ans : December 1600

Q. In which year battle of Plassey and Buxar was fought ?
Ans : In the year 1757 and  1764

Q.Who had established the dual system ?
Ans : Robert Clive

Q. The land revenue ryotwari system introduced in madras presidency by -
Ans : Sir Thomas Munroe

Q. The Bengali weekly named Samachar Darpan started  by Marshman in the year
Ans : 1818

Q. Who was the youngest governor general of India in 1848 at the age of 36 years?
Ans :  Lord Dalhousie

Q. In which year  Vernacular Act was passed ?
Ans : 1878

Q. The Bengal Partition took palce in the year
Ans  : 1905

Q. Who had established Brahmo Samaj in Calcutta in 1828 ?
Ans : raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q. Who was the founder of Young Bengal Movement ?
Ans : Henry Vivian  Derozio

Q. The motto "Back to the Vedas" was given by
Ans : Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Q. The "Satya Shodhak " was founded in 1873 by
Ans : Jyotiba Phule

Q. Who had started  The Aligarh Movement  for the social and educational advancements of the muslims in India ?
Ans : Sir Syed  Ahmad

Q. Who founded the  "Servants of Hindu Society " to trained Indians to dedicate their lives for the  country ?
Ans : Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q. The extremist leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak also known as the -
Ans : Lokamanya

Q. Who had protested against the Communal Award and went on a fast unto death in Yervada Jail ?
Ans : Mahatma Gandhi

Q. The poona Act of 1932 was signed between
Ans :  Dr. Ambedkar and Gandhiji

Q. The term "Post Dated Cheque" was related to which proposal ?
Ans : Cripps Proposal

Q. On which date British Government made an announcement of August Offer?
Ans : On 8th Aug 1940

Q. The first Round Table Conference was held in the year 1930 at which country?
Ans :London

Q.On which date Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed ?
Ans: 8th March 1931

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Current Affairs Quiz-7

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Current Affairs Quiz-7
Current Affairs Quiz-7

Q. The first General Assembly of International Solar Alliance will be inaugurated on
Ans : New Delhi on 2nd October

Q. Who is the Secretary General of United Nation ?
Ans : Antonio Guterres

Q.Name the scheme which will provide Rs 5 lakhs to each family per year and will be allowed to avail benefits cashless from any public or  authorized private hospitals ?
Ans : Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya  Yojana (PM-JAY)

Q. Name the cyclonic storm that hits  South Odisha and its neighbourhood ?

Q.The Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled by Ram Nath Kovind  in which country ?
Ans : Sofia ,Bulgaria

Q. How much outlay is allocated to  Capacity Development Scheme ?
Ans : 2250 crore

Q. A web portal launched by our Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to contribute to the amenities near railway stations through corporate social responsibility funds?
Ans : Rail Sahyog

Q. The first Bus service between India and Nepal flagged from -
Ans : 4 buses from Patna  to  Janakpur   and 4 buses from  Bodhgaya to Kathmandu

Q. The  "One District One Product " scheme launched in which state ?
Ans : Uttar Pradesh

Q. The International Peace day is celebrated on
Ans : 21st September

Q. What is the the theme of International Peace Day for the year 2018 ?
Ans :  The theme is - "The Right to Peace"- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

Q. Nirjana Varadhi is the autobiography of  which revolutionery leader ?
Ans : Kondapalli  Koteswaramma

Q. What was the theme of the 7th United Nation World Tourism Organization Global Summit on Urban Tourism?
Ans : Theme - A 2030 Vision for Urban Tourism

Q. Where will be the 8th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism 2019 will be held ?
Ans : Astana , kazakhstan

Q. The Web portal named "Budget Dashboard" to provide information on budget, expenditure and bill payment launched by which ministry ?
Ans : Ministry of  Health & family Welfare

Q. The tallest mountain of North Korea which was recently in news -
Ans : Mount Paektu
Q. The country North Korea share its boundaries with -
Ans : China , Russia and South Korea

Q. Which two committees were related to Western Ghats ?
Ans : Madhav Gadgil Committee and  Kasturiranjan Committee

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Sep 21, 2018

Polity Quiz-4

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Polity Quiz-4
Polity Quiz-4
Q. The constitution of India mainly provides -
  •  Double citizenship
  •  Single citizenship
  •  national citizenship
  •  None of the Above
Ans : Single citizenship

Q. Who was not the member of the Constituent Assembly ?
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • B.R Ambedkar
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • Mahatma  Gandhi
 Ans : Mahatma Gandhi

Q. The slogan of  of "Do or Die " was used during which movement ?
  • Civil Disobedience Movement
  • Swadeshi Movement
  • Quit India Movement 
  • Non-Cooperation Movement
 Ans : Quit India Movement

Q. We borrowed the concept of Fundamental Rights from-
  • Britain
  • China
  • South Africa
  • USA
Ans : USA

Q. Who was the last British  Governor General of India ?

  • Warren Hasting
  • Lord Ripon
  • William Bentick
  • Lord Mountbatten
 Ans :  Lord Mountbatten

Q. What was the total membership of the constituent Assembly ?

  • 292
  • 93
  • 390
  • 389
 Ans : 389

Q. Who was the first president of India from 1952-62 ?
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • Dr. B.R Ambedkar
 Ans : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q. Who was the pioneer of the communist  movement in India and an advocate of  radical democracy ?
  • M.N Roy
  • K.M Munshi
  • Sardar Patel
  • H.C Mookerjee
Ans : M.N Roy

Q. Which of the following is the oldest high court in India ?
  • Calcutta High Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Gauhati High Court
  • Delhi High Court
Ans : Calcutta High Court

Q. Which of the following state has no "Panchayati Raj " ?
  • Assam
  • Goa
  • Nagaland
  • Tamilnadu
Ans : Nagaland

Q. Which Amendment Act reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18 years ?
  • 61st  Amendmend Act ,1989
  • 73rd  Amendment Act, 1992
  • 44th Amendment Act ,1978
  • 42nd Amendment Act ,1976
 Ans : 61st Amendment 1989

Q. Which of the following state has first adopted "Panchayati Raj" ?
  • Assam
  • Tripura
  • Rajasthan
  • Kerela
Ans : Rajasthan

Q. The "Universal Civil Code" is related to which Article ?
  • Article 17
  • Article 15
  • Article 51
  • Article 44
Ans : Article 44

Q. At present , how many Fundamental Rights are there ?
  • Twelve
  • Nine
  • Seven 
  • Six
Ans : Six

Q. The comment "Governor is a bird in Golden cage",Who said this ?
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Sarojini Naidu
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • VijayaLaxmi Pandit
Ans : Sarojini Naidu

Q. The partyless democracy in India proposed by
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Jaya Prakash Narayan
  • Lala Lajpat Rai
Ans : Jaya Prakash Narayan

Q. In the parliament the time between  "12 - 1 pm" is the time for
  • Question Hour
  • Zero Hour
  • Legislative Hour
  • Sitting Hours
Ans : Zero Hour

Q. Where the first Municipal Corporation in India was established ?
  • Bombay 
  • Calcutta
  • Madras
  • Chennai
Ans : Madras

Q. Which of the following is meant for large Urban Area ?
  • Nagar Panchayat
  • Municipal Council
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Town Committee
Ans : Municipal Corporation

Q. How many sea ports are there in India ?
  • 12 Ports
  • 15 Ports
  • 33 Ports
  • 13 Ports
Ans : 13 Ports

Q. Which of the following Articles gives the power of Abolition and creation of the State Legislative Council ?
  • Article  315
  • Article  169
  • Article  148 
  • Article 151
Ans : Articl  169

Q. Who was the chairman of the 1st Finance Commission in 1951 ?
  • Dr. Y.V Reddy
  • C. Rangarajan
  • K.C Neogy
  • N. K Singh
Ans : K.C Neogy

Q. The 10th schedule comes under  which amendment of the Indian constitution?
  • 44th Amendment 
  • 42nd Amendment
  • 61st Amendment
  • 73rd  Amendment
Ans : 52nd Amendment

Q. The Provisions of Union list comes under which schedule ?
  • 10th Schedule
  • 11th Schedule
  • 7th Schedule
  • 5th Schedule
Ans : 7th  Schedule

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Current Affairs Quiz-6

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Current Affairs Quiz-6
Current Affairs Quiz-6

Q. India's first exclusive and certified Dog Park having exercise equipment and dog training has come up in -
Ans : Hyderabad

Q. The Mob Violence Control and Prohibition Bill recently introduced in which state ?
Ans :Manipur

Q. The Paryatan Parv-2018 in collaboration with other other central ministeries  organized by
Ans : Ministry of Tourism

Q. The World Heritage Cuisine Summit -2018 will be hosted by  which country-
Ans : India

Q. MP-ATGM missile  test recently conducted by which organization

Q. Who is now the new prime minister of Sudan ?
Ans : Moutaz Mousa Abdallah

Q. Which nation has become the  9th  country which has launched  National Registry of  Sexual Offenders
Ans : India

Q. Which Indian state have the highest adult HIV prevalence among states in  last year ?
Ans : Mizoram

Q. ISRO's first space Technology Incubation Centre was inaugurated in -
Ans : Tripura

Q. Who is the current Chief Vigilance Commissioner ?
Ans : K.V Chowdhary

Q. Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary or Kulik Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
Ans : West Bengal

Q. Which country has recently put sanction on China for buying Russian weapons ?
Ans : USA

Q. Which country has purchased Su-35 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system from Russia ?
Ans : China

Q. The USA has threatens  sanctions on -
Ans : International Criminal Court

Q. India's first Tribal Circuit Project  launched in
Ans : Chhatisgarh

Q. Alaknanda Luxury Cruise recently launched in
Ans : Varanasi

Q. The Chagos Archipelago Islands dispute is between which countries ?
Ans : UK and Mauritius

Q. The NRI bonds are mainly issued by -
Ans : Reserve Bank of India

Q. Which three public sector banks will get merged  into a single bank to solve NPA related problems ?
Ans : Dena bank , Vijaya Bank and Bank of Baroda

Q. What is the full form of NPA ?
Ans : Non- Performing Assests

Q. Which bollywood personality signed as the brand ambassador of the Skill India Campaign ?
Ans : Varun Dhawan and Anuksha Sharma

Q. On which day World Alzheimer's Day is celebrated ?
Ans : 21st September

Q. Which two country has recently signed agreement in area of petroleum and gas ?
Ans : Romania

Q. Which two country has signed an agreement to denuclearised Korean Penninsula ?
Ans : North Korea and South Korea

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Sep 20, 2018

Ayushman Bharat -National Health Protection Scheme

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Ayushman Bharat -National Health Protection Scheme
Ayushman Bharat -National Health Protection Scheme

Ayushman Bharat -National Health Protection Scheme / Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY)

National Health Protection Scheme (Ayushman Bharat Scheme) : It is the world's largest government funded healthcare programme. This scheme will covered 10 crore poor and vulnerable families i.e  ( 50 crore beneficiaries ) to provide Rs 5 lakhs each family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

Benefits :

  • It will cover 5 lakhs rupees per family per year
  • No restriction on family size, age or gender
  • All members of the family covered under SECC database automatically will be covered
  • No money paid by the family for treatment in case of hospitalization i.e cashless and paperless free treatment
  • All pre existing condition will be covered from the day one of the policy.It will cover both pre and post hospitalization
  • free treatment in public and  enrolled private hospitals across the country.
  • The person need to carry prescribed ID to receive treatment at the hospital.

Eligibilty Criteria for the beneficiaries : 

Those families who are identified by the government mainly on the basis of the deprivation and occupational criteria using the SECC database both in rural and urban areas are eligible under this programme. A list of eligible families will be shared by the state governments and the state level departments like BMO , BDO's  and ANMs etc.

The govt. will also set up 1.5 lakhs health and wellness centres with the allocated budget of Rs 1200 cr  for this flagship programme.
Furthermore , 24 new Govt. Medical Colleges and Hospitals will be set up by upgrading the existing district hospitals in th country. It will also ensure that there is atleast 1 medical College  for every 3 parliamentary constituencies and 1 Govenment Medical College in each state of the country.
Both these scheme under Ayushman  Bharat will increase the employment oppurtunities for the peoples specially for womens.

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Current Affairs Quiz-5

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Current Affairs Quiz-5

Q. How many Biospheres reserve are included in World Network of Biosphere Reserve from India ?
Ans : 11

Q. Which biosphere reserve was added to the WNBR for the first time in the year 2000 ?
Ans : Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Q.Where is Kanchanjunga Biosphere reserve is located ?
Ans : Sikkim

Q. How many countries are present in  BRICS  nations?
Ans : Five Countries

Q.The National Development bank is mainly operated by-
Ans: BRICS nations

Q. The term NRC stands for -
Ans : National Register of Citizens

Q. Name the policy where no students can be failed or expelled from the school till the completion of the elementary education ?
Ans : No Detention Policy

Q. The Article 35A was related to the issue of which state ?
Ans : Jammu & Kashmir

Q. Recently ISRO has launched two foreign satellites of which country ?
Ans : UK

Q. The ICESat-2 satellite of NASA earth's observing satellite launched from-
Ans : California

Q. The India and Russia joint air exercise named " AviaIndra-18" held in -
Ans : Lipetsk,Russia

Q. Recently Health Ministry has launched web based application called Nikshay 2.0 version  for monitoring of
Ans: TB patients

Q. Which two country has signed  Air Services Agreement for a greater air connectivity ?
Ans : India & Morocco

Q. Which portal is recently launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring greater transparency in clearances to business proposals related to the sensitive sectors and geographical locations ?
Ans :  e-Sahaj portal

Q. The Food and Agriculture Organization has launched agriculture projects in how many states ?
Ans : 5 states

Q. Who is the chairman of Atomic Energy Commission and secretary of Department of Atomic energy ?
Ans: Scientist Kamlesh Nilkanth Vyas

Q. Which country has released the draft of Cooling Action Plan ?
Ans : India

Q. Which country has rolled out world's first hydrogen powered passenger train?
Ans : Germany

Q. Which two countries has signed three MOU's in the field of Maritime Cooperation , Tourism and Training ?
Ans : India and Malta

Q. The 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism was held in
Ans : Seoul, South Korea

Q. The ISRO has inaugurated S-Band Polarimetry  Doppler weather Radar from-
Ans : Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

Q. Name the India's  first underwater robotic  drone handed over to NPOL of DRDO ?
Ans : EyeROV  TUNA

Q. Which International Airport has awarded with world's No- 1 Airport in 5- 15 million passengers per annum category ?
Ans : Hyderabad International Airport

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Sep 19, 2018


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Article 35A


The Article 35A of our Indian constitution is related with Jammu And Kashmir .
The Article 35A gives powers to the State Legislature to define permanent residents of the state and their privileges in public sector jobs, acquisition of property in the state ,scholarships and other public aids and welfare.
The Article also declares that any act of legislature coming under Article cannot be challenged for violating provisions of of the constitution or any other law of the land. Article 35A was added to the constitution through a presedential order. In 1954 , on the advice of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru led cabinet President Dr. Rajendra Prasad passed the order.The constitution (Application to Jammu & Kashmir )Order , 1954- in accordance with the Article 370 of the constitution.

Controversy :

An NGO named "we the citizens " first filed a petition to strike down Article 35A and challenging the constitutional validity of both Article 35A and Article 370. It argued that Article 35A was against the "spirit of oneness of India" because it created a class within a class of Indian citizens.
Another plea was filed by Jammu & Kashmir resident Charu Wali Khanna who petitioned against the Article which protect certain provisions of the Jammu & Kashmir Legislation. These provisions mainly dent the right to property to Kashmiri women who marry a man outside the state. The women lose their property in the state which is applicable to her sons as well.

It said that the intensity of Parliament to make laws in J&K will be constrained to those issues in the Union List and the Concurrent List which, in discussion with the State government, are announced by the President to relate to issue.It is necessary to encourage confidence to the residents of J&K that any changes made in the Article  won't exclude their rights in J&k and can boost J&K’s prosperity because it can open the doors for additional investment, leading to the new opportunities.Article 35A, that was incorporated regarding six decades needs a sharp relook because now it has become the  well established democratic State.If Article 35A is to be removed, it should be removed by  Associating with the different J&K leaders , by taking opinions  with the through a political method which has the folks of Jammu and Kashmir within the discussion.