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2012 January Science and Technology

Astronomers found the fourth habitable planet outside our solar system called GJ667C. The planet is 22 light years from Earth. The newly found planet is rocky in nature. It orbits its star every 28.15 days.

The prestigious 99th Indian Science Congress was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at KIIT University Bhuwaneswar, Odisa. Noted scientist Geetha Bali, vice chancellor of Karnataka State Women's University, will preside over the event, being held on the theme of 'Science and Technology for Inclusive Innovation - Role of Women'. KIIT University and National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) are jointly hosting the event, which will also feature the Children’s Science Congress and Women Science Congress. 

Former president APJ Abdul Kalam will inaugurate the Children’s Science Congress, while Nirupama Rao, India’s ambassador to United States of America, will inaugurate the Women’s Science Congress. Prime Minister announced that 2010-20 decadewould be declared as ‘Decade of Innovation”.

Scientists developed a new wireless device to detect the presence of termites by hearing them chew through timber. Once the new device detects the presence of termites, it will immediately send an SMS or email to a pest control firm.

This device is made of a tiny sensor, smaller than a fingernail. The tiny sensor is attached to a piece of wood and kept around the house to detect termite stations.

Health authorities in Australia are bracing against a possible outbreak of a potentially deadly disease, Murray Valley Encephalitis. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and was recently found in chicken in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales.

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, usually caused by a viral infection. Although rare, it is potentially life-threatening, and may lead to permanent brain damage or death. Symptoms may include a high fever and headache, accompanied by a stiff neck, vomiting, light sensitivity, and convulsions. It can also infect humans.



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