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This blog is designed for the people who are preparing for competitive exams. I thought to design this because I faced many problems during my preparation to these exams. Now a days, Current Affairs play a key and major role to crack the exam. 

Everyone suggest us to read a News-paper and make the note of important points. But many people unable to do it because of laziness and others due to financially backwardness. 

Anyone who have the logical and analytical skills can do the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections by doing more practice. But while considering the G.K section, many of us are poor at this because we don't have clear idea about the topics and sections in the G.K.
Many Questions arise in our mind during the preparation of CURRENT AFFAIRS.  
They are like:
  1. Which topics are referred ?
  2. How much practice is needed ?
  3. What are recent issues happened? and etc. 

Many people who did better in other sections of the exam are not good at G.K / CURRENT AFFAIRS section. By this they are missing the great opportunities. 

The most important thing is it is less time consuming while answering and makes us to score more marks. So, keeping this concept in the mind i thought to share the notes which is being prepared by me monthly wise from January 2010. 

I divided the Current Issues into various sections like these which helps in the easy preparation.

This blog is also designed by considering the middle and low class people who cannot buy a magazine or book which costs more.  But  now  everyone can prepare from this website. 

I worked hard in preparing the blog which consumed much time. I request the members in promoting the site by referring to your friends about the site and lets all of us be beneficial. 

Many improvements are to be made in the site. All the suggestions are welcome. 
          Finally I wish you 
          "ALL THE BEST"


  1. Hello Mr. Srikanth,
    Let me first congratulate you for venturing such an arduous task of posting the current affairs to help out the fellow aspirants. Your blog is well organised and you can make it better and better. Especially I appreciate your idea of helping those who cannot afford pricy magazines every month. I will let my friends know about your blog too.
    All The Best.
    Krishna Chaitanya

  2. great and good work dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. your web site is many people are used. gk question are excellent sir


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