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Botany - UPSC Civils Optional

Very few People choose this Optional.  As a result there are limited books to refer
Suggested Reading:
  • Lower Boiology (Algae, Fungi, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms): Singh, Pandey & Jain
  • Bacteria & VirusH.C.Dubey
  • Microbiology: Taro & Kapoor
  • Plant Pathology:   1) P.D. Sharma – “Plant Pathology”;      2) R.S.Sharma – “Principles of Plant Pathology”
  • Economic Botany:   1) B.P. Pandey – “Economic Botany”;    2) Few topics from Kochar Plant Taxonomy: O.P.Sharma
  • Introduction to Botany (for Degree students): A.C.Dutta


Cell Biology: 
1) “Cell Biology & Genetics” – P.K.Verma
2) Plant Physiology – Pandey & Sinha
3) Genetics – P.K.Gupta (for few topics)

1) B.D.Singh – Genetics
2) Pudan Singh – Introduction to Genetics
3) P.K.Gupta – Genetics

Plant Breeding: 
1) B.D.Singh
2)Pudan Singh

1) B.D. Singh

Plant Physiology: 
1) Pandey & Sinha
2) V.K. Jain
3)Taiz & Zeiger (Photosynthesis, Respiration & Stress Physiology)

1) P.D. Singh



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