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Entry to Interview Room

  • Arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will give you enough time to relax.

  • Keep a file / folder to keep your certificates and documents in an organized manner. They are verified before you enter the interview room. (You don’t have to carry file / folder inside board room)

  • While waiting for your turn in the waiting area, read a newspaper or a magazine and try to remain focused without thinking too much of what will happen in the interview. Do not try to pre-suppose situations in the Personality Test.

  • Take a final, deep breath before entering the boardroom.

  • Do not forget to knock at the door before entering, as it indicates basic courtesy.

  • On entering the room, greet all the members cordially and do not sit down on the seat without being asked to.

  • If there is a lady member in the interview board, greet her first.

  • Be conscious of your body language when you are seated.

  • Men should keep the feet flat on the floor during the interview, knees at waist level, and hands on your thighs and place your elbows on the armchair. Avoid locking hands.

  • Women, cross your ankles or legs, but keep the bottom leg straight down and do not swing it over the top leg and keep your elbows positioned on the arms of the chair.

  • When the Board members thank you at the end of the Personality test, do not forget to thank the members one last time and keep your body posture straight at the time of leaving the room.

  • Be cool. Be yourself during the Interview.

  • Your aim should be to make the board members feel comfortable in your presence.

  • Don’t expect any expression on the faces of board members, even if your answer is very good.


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