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Hobbies to be mentioned

While filling up the application form, there is a column for the hobbies and other interests. It is better to cultivate some hobby rather than leaving it blank. So be prepared for this aspect from the initial stages itself. It helps a lot in the interview if the questions are asked from your interest areas. 

You can also think of some peculiar hobbies to attract the interviewer. But be careful that you have a genuine interest in that area and do gather good information so as to answer any question.

Some of the hobbies of candidates are:

- reading books

- listening to music, even some specific variety say old songs.

- reading short stories

- Gandhism

- Introspection

- Philately and numismatics

- bird watching

- cooking

- conducting alcohol de-addiction camps

- social work

- teaching

- Learn and practice yoga and meditation

- weapon systems

- physical fitness, etc.



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