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How to Prepare?

Start full-scale preparation for the interview, immediately after the mains exam.

Be very careful while filling the mains application form. This form is the basis on which the whole interview depends. So, consult the seniors and fill the information carefully. Through this form, you can direct the board into your strong areas. The interview will go on expected lines and you can give well prepared answers. Do keep a photocopy of the form.

The preparation should be at two levels - the subject matter preparation and the way you present yourself.

One should prepare for the interview with a group of 3-4 people as the preparation for Interview cannot be done in isolation. Personality is a life-time asset and expecting miraculous changes in personality in a span of a few days or weeks is not possible. Yet, efforts can be made to overcome major deficiency and polishing of views and opinions.

Use a handy cam or a mirror to see how you speak, the facial expressions, mannerisms etc.

Keep visualizing the interview scenario and modify yourself accordingly. In interview- you are assessed right from the moment you enter.

So the following aspects are important—
  • the way you walk; 
  • the way you sit down; 
  • the way you dress up; 
  • the enthusiasm and cheerfulness in your face; 
  • the way you talk; 
  • your mannerisms; 
  • facial expressions; 
  • politeness; 
  • behavior; 
  • the way you tackle the questions; 
  • the confidence you display; 
  • the way you take leave and walk out of the room; etc. 
So in all these dimensions you should keep contemplating and put your best performance on that day.

The best way of preparation is to just sit and do brain storming intensively. Think what type of questions can be asked and how you can give a simple and logical answer. This will not come from reading many books. It requires lot of introspection.

Show a positive body language. You believe that you are suitable for the job. Convey to them the message that you are the person they are looking for.

Read various original interviews given in the magazines to understand what the UPSC expects from you.



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