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Suggested Strategy

• Its better to cover the full syllabus.

• Prepare short notes on each topic

• Write crisply and focus on the operational part of the question

• Do gives examples as and when required

• Maintain a list of cases related to each topic

• Theoretical reference should be given in a pointed and directed manner.

• Prepare with special focus: Organization Design and chapter one topics: key areas like nature and functions of management, organizational goals and newer organizational formats in 21st century.

• Attempt finance question only if conceptually very clear about that question.

• If possible, write at least one question from international trade.

Reference Books

Paper I 

1. Organisational Design: Khandwala; Madhukar Shukla (both)

2. Organisational Behaviour: Luthans and Robbins- for some portions Blanch art is also good.

3. Strategic Cost Management: Business Today supplements

4. Economics: Any good economics book

5. Management: Terry and Franklin; Koontz and Donnel ; Koontz and weihrich (any one)

6. Strategic Management: Michael Porter

Paper II 

1. Marketing: Kotler and any one Indian author book(Saxena/Ramaswami etc.)

2. Financial: Pandey/Chandra/Khan & Jain/Bearley - Any two

3. Information Technology: Any good book which gives holistic view covering all the topics along with Internet based notes.

4. International: Business Media and Government Rules on export procedures, transfer pricing etc.

5. Operations: Adams/Taha

6. HRD: Mammoria/Monappa/Prasad/Flippo - Any two.



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