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Mechanical Engineering

Reference Books

• Theory of Mechanics - S S Rattan
• Theory of Mechanism and Mechanics - Jagdish Lal.
• Mechanic of Solids - Popru
• Manufacturing Science - Ghosh and Malik
• Manufacturing Technology - P N Rao
• Production Manangement - R K Jain
• Principals of Manufacturing Material & Process - Campbeu
• Fundamentals of Classed Thermodynamics - Van Wylen
• Heat Transfer - Gupta Prakash
• Heat and Mass Transfer - R. Yadav
• Energy Conversion - Sukhalmoy
• Environmental Pollution Central Engineering C S Rao
• Surveying and Levelling - T P Kanetakar
• Heat Conversion - Arora & Kundwar
• Manufacturing Science - R K Jain
• Thermodynamics - R Yadav 



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