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Medical Sciences


If you could get hold of any old notes from medical colleges of those professors, it will serve you better than any texts. Also, apply the old logic, draw pictures as far as possible. Go back to selections, and read the topics carefully.

• Human anatomy: Chaurasia (III Volumes) and Histology (Inderbir Singh)
• Physiology: Ganong
• BioChemistry: Harper
• Microbiology: Anantha Narayan (Introduction to Microbiology), Parasitology (Jayaram Panikkar)
• Pathology: Robbins (Big Robbins)
• Medicine: George Mathew (Notes in medicine), Harrison if needed
• Surgery: Bailey (Das will be also useful for some areas)
• SPM: Park

Years back when a medical student took up the civil services exams, he had no option but to change his subject. But seeing the growing numbers the UPSC added Medical Science as a subject in the civil services. Ever since many students have taken up the subject and even topped the exams.

Do not alllow people to convince you that the subject is too tough and not scoring as these are the topics you have studied and practiced for five years. 80% of the questions are from what you have mstudied and like every other subject there are extra portions that are not covered in the graduation syllabus. So you you are at as much disadvantage as any other person.

1) Follow the syllabus, that's your best guide. Also keep your options open for the out of syllabus questions. Complete analysis of previous years questions should be done.

2) It is better to form groups to study and interact with other medicos who have already appeared for the exams.

3) Being a medical student you are probably used to working hard but remember your competition is only with the hard working and serious lot. So, your answers should stand out from others.

Topicwise Suggested Reference Books

• Anatomy - Megraper or Snell

• Human Anatomy (3 Vol.) - Chaurasia

• Medical Physiology - Gyston

• Human Physiology - Chatterjee

• Pathology - Muirs or Robbins

• Microbiology - Anand Narayan or Chatterjee

• Principal and Practice of Medicines - Davidson

• Social and Preventive Medicine - Park & Park

• Surgery - Love and Bailey

• Essentials of Bio-chemistry - M C Pant

• Review in Bio-chemistry - Harper

• Heinmann Medical Dictionary - Janife

• Heinmann Dental Dictionary - Lennox



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