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There are no exam-oriented books for Philosophy. So, it is advisable to prepare notes from various sources and mug that notes thoroughly. Read Bhagavad-Gita Chapter- 2, it is useful in paper-2. 

Viveka Chudamani of sankaracharya is very helpful to understand his philosophy. Reading such original books makes your answers stand out from others. Try to mug some standard quotations and use in your answers at relevant positions.

Reference Books

Section- A Western Philosophy
1. By Franckena Thilly
2. Dr. C.D. Sharma
3. Dr. Dayakrishna
4. Dr. Y.Masiaha
5. Dr. B.K. Lal
6. Dr. Lakshmi Saxena
7. D.M.Dutt

Section- B Indian Philosophy
1. Dr. C.D. Sharma
2. Dr. Deo Raj
3. Dr. Hiriyanna
4. Dr. Radha Krishnan
5. D.M.Dutt

Section- C Socio Political Philosophy
1. Dr. J.P. Sood Vol IV
2.Dr. Shiv Bhanu Singh
3. Dr. O.P.Gauba
4. NCERT Books

Section- D Philosophy of Religion
1. Dr. Y.Masiaha
2. John Hick
3. Dr. V.P. Verma



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