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Political Science


Political Science is a dynamic and ever-changing subject. Candidates aspiring to opt for it should be more aware of the shift in focus than the skeletal changes in the revised syllabus. Opting for Aristotle's Master science, the aspirant should master the techniques to make best use of these changes like a crafty politician.

The advantages of picking political science as a favourite optional are mainfold. It helps candidates in updating their knowledge of the current events and provides a fresh perspective on the burning domestic and foreign policy issues. About half of the general studies paper is vitally related to the two papers of political science for the main examination.

Besides, that is the best subject to ensure a sound sleep during the interview days simply because you have readymade answer for virtually all the question being asked by the board members.

The recent years' trend also reveals that the candidates with political science as an optional have fared better in many respects. The rate of success is going higher and higher.

Topic wise Reference Books

Political Theory and Indian Politics
• George H. Sabine ( Western political theory)

• Eddy Ashrivatham (Political theory)
• C.L. Wayper (Political thought)

• O.P. Gauba (An introduction to political thought)

• R.M. Bhagat (Western political thought)

• Amal Roy and Mohit Bhattacharya (political theory, ideas and institutions)

• S.P. Varma (Modern political theory)

• J.C. Jauhary (Comparative politics)

• A.S. Sandhu (Political theory)

• Pukharaj Jain (Political thought)

Indian Constitution And Politics
• M.V. Paylee (Indian Constitution)

• D.D Basu (An introduction to Indian constitution)

• V.N. Shukla (Constitution of India, couple of chapters are really relevant)

• A.C. Kapoor (Comparative Governments)

• V.P. Varma (Indian political theory)

• K.R. Bombwal (Comparative constitutions)

• Bipin Chandra (Freedom struggle)

• Simit Sarkar (Modern India)

• A.R. Desai (Social background of Indian Nationalism)

• Paul Brass (Politics in India since independence)

• Independent India : First Fifty Years - Hiranyamay Kelkar

• Indian foreign policy agenda for 21st century (1998 Foreign service institute) -Lalit Mansingh

• India's foreign policy in a changing world (1999) - V.P. Dutt

• People's right and the state in the third world - Manjooran Mohanty & Partha Mukherjee

• World politics in the twentieth century - Paul Kenedy

• Nuclear India (1998) Jasjit Singh

Suggested Readings

Paper I Section A

A History of Political thought—Subrata Mukherjee, Susheela Ramaswamy

A History of Political thought —J.P. Suda

For Manu & Kautilya : Foundations of Indian Political thought — V.R. Mehta

Modern Political Theory —S.P. Verma

Modern Political Theory —Madan Gandhi

Political Theory —Eddy Ashirvatham

Political Theory —J.C. Johri

Political Theory —Ray & Bhattacharya

Political Theory —O.P. Gauba

Paper I Section B

Comparative Govt. & Politics —J.C. Johri

Comparative Govt. & Politics —Ronald Chilkote

Modern Indian Political Thinkers —V.P. Verma

Foundations of Indian Political Thought —V.R. Mehta

Indian Govt. and Politics —A.S. Narang

Indian Govt. and Politics —J.R. Siwach

Indian Govt and Politics —M.P. Singh, Himanshu Roy
Politics in India —Rajani Kothari

Govt. and Politics of India —W.H. Morris Jones

Paper II Section A

Theoretical aspects of International Politics —Mahendra Kumar

Politics among Nations —Morganthu

International Politics —Schuman

Paper II Section B

International Politics —Bookhives

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