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Quiz 1 - Economic Issues & Current Affairs

1.) 19th Asian Athletics championships concluded in ............?

A) Kobe( Japan)
B) Incheon( South Korea)
C) New Delhi(India)
D) Tokyo(Japan)

2) Which nation ordered 'Stress Test' of all its atomic plants, to ensure more safety?

A) England
B) France
C) Japan
D) India

3) To Provide food grains and other essential items to the vulnerable section of the people,PDS started. PDS means ...........?

A) Private Distribution System
B) Point Distribution System
C) Public Distribution System
D) Poor Distribution System

4) On 17 August 2011, IIFCL said it raises Rs.11,000 crore via bond issues by the end of fiscal Year. IIFCL means ....... ?

A) India Indemnity Finance Company Limited
B) India Infrastructure Fund Company Limited
C) International Infrastructure Finance Company Limited
D) India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited

5) On 20 August 2011, Union bank of India launched ...... an information window for the customers and employees, informative contents would be displayed on a digital screen.

A) Union Kabar
B) Union Chimtan
C) Union Dekho
D) Union Chetna

6) If any deposit is a regulated deposit, it is controlled by .....?

a) Ministry of Finance
c) Government of India
d) RBI

7) The rate of interest on Savings account presently 4 % per annum. Since ...... it was only 3.5 % per annum?

A) 2009
B) 2008
C) 2004
D) 2003

8) The Reserve Bank of India intends to deregulate the savings bank rates. It released a discussion paper and Public feedback sought by..........connecting to deregulation of these accounts.

A) 1 April 2011
B) 31 March 2011
C) 20 May 2011
D) 31 September 2011

9) Consider the following statements

a) A person saves money from his regular income.
b) He wants to save the money in an account which permits withdrawals any time with rational rate of interest.
c) He also want to issue cheques in favour of others.
d) He wants to use ATM card also.

The most suitable account for him is...........?

A) Recurring account
B) Fixed deposit
C) Saving account
D) Current account



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