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Quiz 2 - Economic Issues & Current Affairs

1) R.V.Guptha committee set up by RBI submitted its report on ..........?

a) Customer Service
b) Industrial loans
c) Agriculture loans
d) Collateral Securities

2) Verma Committee submit recommendations on..........?

a) Rural banking
b) Weak banks
c) Foreign bank role in Agriculture loans
d) SSI 

3) Which committee submitted a report on the 'role of banks in Priority sector and 20 point Economic Programme'?
a) R N Mirdha
b) Mahadevan
c) Krishnaswamy
d) Dantwale

4) Pannir Selvam Committee submitted report on..........?

a) NPA of banks
b) Consortium lending
c) RRBs
d) Solied notes

5) Bailout package means..........?

a) give the bail to company directors by the court to attend the important work
b) To rescue a company or nation which is in financial difficulties
c) To release loan funds to banks by RBI on Sunday
d) Initiation of Police to give bail to company directors

6) Hyper inflation means ..........?

a) Extremely rapid or out of control deflation
b) Extremely slow growth of inflation
c) Extremely rapid or out of control Inflation
d) inflation not at all seen

7. The most preferable account for low-income households in rural and semi-urban areas?

a) Fixed Deposit
b) Current Account
c) Kiddy Account
d) Savings Account

8. Which account in India is called the common man account?

a) Recurring account
b) Savings account
c) Current Account
d) Kiddy account

9. Consider the following statements
i) A business man wants to deposit money in huge amounts. Many times he deposit money more than once in a day.
ii) He also desires to withdraw money many number of times as it is essential to his business.
iii) The rate of interest is least bothered.
iv) He wants cheque facility, inevitable for him to do the business transactions.
Suggest him which is a suitable account for him?

a) Fixed deposit
b) Current Account
c) Corporate Account
d) None

10. Which account is also a regulated deposit other than Savings account in India?

a) Current Account 
b) Recurring Account
c) NRI Account
d) Fixed Deposit

11. The combination of both Savings and Current Accounts called ..........?

a) SACA (Savings and Current Account)
b) SAVCUR (Savings and Current Account)
c) SACUF (Savings and Current Funding)
d) CASA (Current and Savings Account)

12. Which bank claimed to have 51% of CASA (Current and Savings Account), the low cost deposits?

a) State Bank of India
b) Syndicate Bank



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