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Quiz 9 - Economic Issues & General Awareness

Which one of the following is not a salient feature of debit card?

1) No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
2) No interest earning for banks
3) Works like a normal withdrawal
4) 1,2 and 3
5) 45 days credit is given to the card holder

IFRS stands for?

1) International Financial Reporting standards
2) Indian Financial Rating Standards
3) International Financial Rating Standards
4) All of three above 
5) None

There are certain financial instruments whose prices ar c derived from the price of the underlying currency of interest rate or stocks etc., These are known as?

1) Derivatives 
2) Securitisation
3) Leasing 
4) Factoring
5) None of these

What is the full form of ASBA?

1) Allotment supported by Blocked Amount
2) Application supported by Blocked Amounts
3) Application supported by Bank Amount
4) Allotment supported by Bank Account 
5) None of these

Reverse Repo is used by RBI to?

1) Inject Liquidity
2) Absorb liquidity
3) Increase the Liquidity with banking system
4) Keep the liquidity at one tevel
5) None of these

KYC guidelines have been framed on the r ecommendations/as per guidelines of?

1) RBI
2) Ministry of Finance
3) Indian Banks Association
4) Financial Action Task force
5) Ministry of Home affairs

The term ‘Power of Attorney’ refers to?

1) Power of a person
2) An authority to open a Bank Account
3) An instrument by which a person is empowered to net for another person
4) All of the above
5) None of these

What is the amount of compensation to be paid perday, as per RET directives in case of failed ATM transactions? 

1) Rs.50 
2) Rs. 100 
3) Rs. 200 
4) Rs. 500
5) None of these

Financial Action Task Force has an office in India at which place?

1) Mumbai 
2) Chennai
3) Kolkata 
4) New Delhi
5) None of these

Bridge loans refer to?

1) Loans granted to construction companies for construction of bridges.
2) Loans granted to PWD for construction of bridges over Rivers
3) Interim finance allowed by banks to their customers pending disbursement of term Loans by financial institutions
4) All of the above 
5) None



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