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Timetable for preparation

  • Many candidates give their first attempt without even completing the syllabus. This is a wrong step, which will have severe consequences later on. Any exam can be cleared in the first attempt itself with focused preparation and solid approach. 

  • Mainly, the thought that the exam requires multiple attempts should be removed from the mind. With right information and proper material, and sustained hard work for and year, there is no reason why someone should not clear the exam in the first attempt.

  • The preparation with full momentum should start at least one year before the exam. Ideally, the preparation should be started in May and by December the mains syllabus should be completed to a large extent. Then from January, prelims preparation should be made, while consolidating the mains knowledge. 

  • After the prelims, the preparation should be continued with out any break. The next 5 months will be very crucial and the preparation should be at full momentum. The syllabus in any case should be completed by July. At least two months are required for the revisions.

  • After the mains exam, interview preparation should be started. Simultaneously, prelims preparation should also be made. This is important since the final result will be given only 4-5 days before next prelims. In case of failure, you should be in a position to give next prelims. So, from the beginning it is better to be prepared for this possibility.

  • After the mains result, more focus should be made on interview preparation.


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