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What type of questions does the Interview Board asks?

Relating to your name: Any famous personality who has a similar or same name or surname.

Your career choice: Why you want to opt for the civil services.

Your Hobbies: Why you pursue such a hobby or questions related to your hobby. So research well on your hobby.

Hot topics of recent days like  Growing airlines, Terror attacks in India, India US Nuclear deal, Indian Cricket,  etc(These are just examples). 

Keep reading and watching the news. If the recent headlines have something to do with your subject then specially revise those portions. For example if you are a veterinary doctor, Bird flu may go on to other animal diseases that can infect men.
If you are an MBBS, then you might be asked about human to human spread of epidemics or any other epidemics and precautions etc. If you are from an economy background, the same topic will veer towards the economic implications of the Bird flu.
How you are going to use your specific knowledge (like if you are a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc) in the services.

• Situational questions/ Hypothetical questions: Like If you were the collector/SP of so and so, what would you do after the Communal riots/Bomb Blast?

Choice of services: The order of your choice of services can raise questions too.

About your institution and related: If you have studies at IIM you may be asked about the rising salaries, if from IGNOU then even about Indira Gandhi and so on.

Other areas to be focused are:
  • why optionals
  • background of the parents
  • places where you stayed
  • academic background and related aspects
  • optional subjects
  • graduating subject
  • positions if held 
  • job experience if any
  • hobbies
  • sports



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