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2010 October National Issues

Six more CBI Courts will be opened in the A.P. State by the
end of this year, of which four of them will be in Hyderabad and two at
Vishakhapatnam. Total of 81 special courts have been opened through out
the country so as to speed up the trial of CBI cases.

Karnataka High Court disqualifies 11 BJP rebel M.L.A.s.


Central Environment Ministry announced elephant as Heritage

In a significant judgment, the Supreme Court said that a woman who
had ended a “live-in” Relationship was entitled to maintenance
provided it met four parameters. The four conditions laid down by a
bench comprising justices Markandey Katju and T.S Thakur were:(a)The
couple must have been akin to spouses before society;(b)They must be of
legally of marriageable age;(c)They must be unmarried; (d)They must have
cohabited voluntarily as spouses for a significant period of time.

India launched the National Green Tribunal, becoming the
third nation to have a special court for environmental issues. The
former Supreme Court Judge, Lokeshwar Singh Patna, will be its
chairperson. The tribunal will have four regional benches.


Haryana Government imposed complete ban on use, storage and
re-cycle of plastic bags.
The other states which have already
imposed ban are: Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh.

According to Indian Army, during the last 20 years there were 1,514
complaints of alleged human rights violations
were received from Jammu
and Kashmir.
104 officers were found guilty out of 1,508 cases of
investigations on human rights violations.


The inquiry commission headed by Justice V Bhaskara Rao on police
firing on protesters after Macca Masjid blast
in Hyderabad
submitted his report to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Committee
was constituted in June 2007 to submit the report in 3 months.


The Supreme Court has ruled that Judges should have basic
computer knowledge
at the time of appointment and a candidate who
fails to fulfill the requirement can be denied employment. 


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