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Applications of Computers

Computers are used almost in every sphere of human life including government, industries, medicine, education, law, research, arts and media. Its application is limited only by our imagination.

There are so many applications of computers, that it is impractical to mention all of them. This is the Computer Age and these machines are impacting our lives in many ways. Computers are now becoming faster, more reliable and effective than they had been ever before.

Products from meats to magazines are packed with zebra-striped bar codes that can be read by the computer scanners at supermarket checkout stands to determine prices and help manage inventory.

Thus, a detailed receipt of the groceries can be made, which is useful for both the customer and the retail store, especially for the stock control system. This is referred as POS (Point of Sale) transaction where a precise account of all the stocks available is recorded and manipulated.

Health and Medicine
Computers are helping immensely to monitor thee extremely ill in the intensive care unit and provide cross-sectional views of the body. This eliminates the need for hired nurses to watch the patient twenty-four hours a day, which is greatly tiring and error prone.

Doctors use computers to assist them in diagnosing certain diseases of the sort. This type of computer is called the Expert System, which is basically a collection of accumulated expertise in a specific area of field.

Computers are now able to map, in exquisite detail, the structure of the human cold virus - the first step towards the common cold. Furthermore, computers are used greatly in managing patients, doctors, wards and medicine records, as well as deal with making appointments, scheduling surgeries and other likes.

Farmers use small computers to help with billing, crop information, and cost per acre, and market price checking.

Cattle ranchers can also use computers for information about livestock breeding and performance.

It is much more cheaper and effective to teach pilots how to fly in a computerised cockpit or simulators, than in real airplanes. This is because the learning pilots will feel much more relaxed and confident due to the fact that no life is at risk at that moment.

Railway engineers can also be given training on how to run a train with the help of a computerised system. Training simulations are relatively cheaper and are always available on one-to-one basis making way for personal training.

Computers are all around us and avoiding them is virtually impossible. We have been exposed in the world of computer advertisements and computer headlines. We interact with computers in our daily lives - whether we are at the cinemas, the school, or the public library.


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