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Borrowed Features of Constitution

Independence of Judiciary USA Constitution
Judicial review USA Constitution
President as Executive head USA Constitution
President as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces USA Constitution
Vice- President as the ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States USA Constitution
Fundamental Rights USA Constitution
Preamble USA Constitution
Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges USA Constitution
Supreme Court USA Constitution
Written Constitution USA Constitution
Law making Procedures UK Constitution
Rule of Law UK Constitution
System of Single Citizenship UK Constitution
Parliamentary system with ministerial responsibility UK Constitution
Speaker in Lok Sabha UK Constitution
Council of Ministers responsible to Lower House UK Constitution
Lower House more powerful UK Constitution
Bicameral Parliament UK Constitution
Nominal Head – President (like Queen) UK Constitution
Scheme of federation with a strong centre Canadian Constitution
Distribution of powers between Union and the states and placing residuary powers with the centre Canadian Constitution
Concept of Directive Principles of States Policy(Ireland borrowed it from SPAIN) Irish Constitution
Method of election of President Irish Constitution
Nomination of members to the Rajya Sabha by the President Irish Constitution
Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency Weimar Constitution of Germany
Procedure established by Law Japan Constitution
The Concurrent list Australian Constitution
Provision regarding trade, commerce and intercourse Australian Constitution
Fundamental Duties USSR Constitution
Five year Plan USSR Constitution
Constitutional amendments and the election procedure of members of Rajyasabha South African Constitution
Procedure established by Law Japan Constitution
Republic French Constitution


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