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Governor of the RBI

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is the Chief Executive Officer of India's central bank and the ex-officio chairperson of its Central Board of Directors.  

Indian Rupee currency notes, issued by the Reserve Bank of India, bear the governor's signature.  

Since its establishment in 1935 by the British colonial government, the RBI has been headed by twenty-five governors. 

The Governor of Reserve Bank of India is a member of the Strategic Policy Group headed by National Security Advisor. It is a crucial wing of National Security Council.  

The term of office typically runs for three years and can, in some cases, be extended for 2 years. 

The inaugural officeholder was the British banker Osborne Smith, while C. D. Deshmukh was the first Indian governor.  

Holding office for over seven yearsBenegal Rama Rau is the longest-serving governor, while Amitav Ghosh's 20-day term is the shortest. 

The bank's fifteenth governor, Manmohan Singh, later became India's thirteenth prime minister.

List of RBI Governors :

No.OfficeholderTerm startTerm end
1Osborne Smith1 April 193530 June 1937
2James Braid Taylor1 July 193717 Feb 1943
3C. D. Deshmukh11 Aug 194330 June 1949
4Benegal Rama Rau1 July 194914 Jan 1957
5K. G. Ambegaonkar14 Jan 195728 Feb 1957
6H. V. R. Iyengar1 March 195728 Feb 1962
7P. C. Bhattacharya1 March 196230 June 1967
8Lakshmi Kant Jha1 July 19673 May 1970
9B. N. Adarkar4 May 197015 June 1970
10Sarukkai Jagannathan16 June 197019 May 1975
11N. C. Sen Gupta19 May 197519 August 1975
12K. R. Puri20 Aug 19752 May 1977
13M. Narasimham3 May 197730 Nov 1977
14I. G. Patel1 Dec 197715 Sep 1982
15Manmohan Singh16 Sep 198214 Jan 1985
16Amitav Ghosh15 Jan 19854 Feb 1985
17R. N. Malhotra4 Feb 198522 Dec 1990
18S. Venkitaramanan22 Dec 199021 Dec 1992
19C. Rangarajan22 Dec 199221 Nov 1997
20Bimal Jalan22 Nov 19976 Sep 2003
21Y. Venugopal Reddy6 Sep 20035 Sep 2008
22D. Subbarao5 Sep 20084 Sep 2013
23Raghuram Rajan4 Sep 20134 Sep 2016
24Urjit Patel4 Sep 201611 Dec 2018
25Shaktikanta Das12 Dec 2018Incumbent

Last updated on: 01/11/2019


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