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What is Internet ?

The Internet is a series of interconnected computer networks, including the networks of government offices, businesses, and educational institutes.

The Internet can be used to communicate with others by sending an Internet Protocol (IP) packet to a specific "address" on the Internet.

The tremendous popularity of the Internet as a means to disseminate information and conduct business is evidenced by the equally tremendous growth in the medium.

In the mid-1980s, the Internet consisted of roughly one thousand computer networks. Today, the Internet consists of hundreds of thousands of networks and continues to grow rapidly.

Timeline of Internet Invention

Perhaps the era of web accessibility is ushered-in by introduction of first IBM Screen Reader developed by Jim Thatcher.

All is not well that starts well. Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. releases the first ever known virus "Morris Worm" inflicting a good number of computers. This necessitates the requirement of a reliable security system.

1990 and 1991:
Tim Berne-Lee introduces the first WWW branding official beginning of Internet technology. Apple initiates first version of Quick Time and Java, earlier known as Oak and invented by James Gosling, came into service.

World Bank gets online. World Wide Web becomes free to the Internet users. Mosaic Browser version 1.0 is introduced by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen.

After File Transfer Protocol (FTP), WWW becomes the next popular Internet service eliminating Telenet and White House goes online.

Internet users get an access to radio and real-time music and WWW beats out FTP to become the most popular service. CNN and ESPN go online.

Web based e-mail services introduced by Hotmail and Microsoft releases IE3. Yahoo becomes a public Internet service company.

Google finds it way in the cyber world and its clutter-free interface places it on top of the popularity scale.

A new era of Social Networking is witnessed by launch of "MySpace" and the term "Phishing" comes into being for the first time.

Various web-hosted applications co-opted to launch Windows thus making the start of business rivalry between Microsoft and Google. 



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