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Marine Product Exports Grows 18.72% During April – December 2011-12

Export of Marine Products during April - December of 2011 of the current fiscal has indicated a positive growth in terms of both quantity and value.  The exports registered a growth of 1.48% in quantity, 21.68% in rupee value and 18.72% in US $ realization compared to the same period last year. The unit value realization also improved by 16.98%. The details are given in the following table.

Overall Exports during 2011-12 compared to 2010-11
Export details
Growth %
Quantity Tonnes
Value Rs.crore
$ Million
Unit value $/kg.

Export of Fr. Shrimp and Fish have registered a positive growth both in quantity and value. Similarly exports to South East Asia, Japan and USA have registered a positive growth both in quantity as well as in value terms. Frozen Shrimp continued to be the major export item accounting for 51.35% of the total US $ earnings.  Shrimp exports during the period increased by 17.67%, 34.77% and 32.98% in quantity, rupee value and US$ value respectively. There is a considerable increase in unit value realization (13.01%) also. Export of Vannamei Shrimp during the period increased tremendously by 272%, 326% and 318% in quantity, rupee value and US$ value respectively, when compared to the same period last year. 

Export of Fr. Shrimp to USA has registered a growth of 38.34% in quantity, 41.97% in rupee value and 41.07% in US$ terms. Fr. Shrimp export to Japan also showed an increase of 10.15%, 19.40% and 18.00% in volume, rupee value and US$ value respectively. Fish, the second largest export item in value term, accounted for a share of about 39.43% in quantity and 19.14% in US$ earnings.Fr. Fish exports during the period increased by 6.40% in quantity, 21.81% in rupee value and 15.96% in US $ earnings. Unit value realization also improved by 8.99%.

Fr. Squid and Cuttlefish exports decreased in quantity but showed an increase in value terms both in rupee as well as in US $ term. Fr. Cuttlefish showed a decline of 12.30% in quantity and showed a growth of 14.97% and 11.35% in rupee value and US$ realization. There is a considerable increase in the unit value realization 26.97%. 

Fr. Squid exports showed a decline of 12.21% in quantity and showed a growth of 20.10% and 18.28% in rupee value and US$ realization. There is an increase in the unit value realization by 34.73%. Dried items export declined by 39.11% in quantity 55.08% and 56.53% in rupee and US$ value respectively. The exports of Chilled items improved in value but decreased in volume. Live items exports gone down both in value as well as in volume when compared to same period last year. For the first time, South East Asia became the largest market with a share of 25.75% in US $ realization and 39.58% in quantity.  Exports to S E Asia have shown a growth of 43.19% in quantity, 103.70% in rupee value and 95.99% in US$ realization. 

EU slipped to second spot with a share of 22.02%, followed by USA 19.17%, Japan 14.09%, China 7.06%, Middle East 4.39% and other countries 7.51%.  Exports to EU registered a growth of 1.33% in US$ realization but declined in quantity by 13.66%.  Export to USA registered a growth of 31.33% in quantity and 39.05% in US$ realization. Japan also registered a positive growth of 19.25% in quantity and 18.12% in US$ realization. Exports to China have shown a drastic decline both in quantity as well as in value terms. The Surge in exports to SE Asia is attributed to shortage of raw material in that region as well as due to the Indo – ASEAN trade pacts.  The short supply from SE Asia and Indo – Japanese CEPA has also had a good impact on the exports to Japan.

Export realization in rupee terms increased by about 22% and depreciation of rupee against US dollar and other major commercial resulting in better value realization in rupee terms also.  Considering the increase in exports experienced in hall 3 quarterly Indian seafood exports for 2011-12 are likely to increase by nearly 20% in US$ terms in comparison to 2010-11 to US $ 3.5 billion from US$ 2.8 billion last year. 

In order to give further momentum to the export of marine products from India, the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) along with the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI) is organizing the 18th India International Seafood Show at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai from 29th February to 2nd March 2012.  The Event will be inaugurated by Dr K Rosiah, His Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu on 28th February 2012 evening.  The function will be presided over by Shri Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry and Textiles.  The Show will have more than 200 stalls spread over 4400 sq.m. area and over 1500 delegates and visitors.  Technical Sessions are also planned on the sidelines of the Show. 



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