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Quiz 22 - Computer Awareness

1. ---- Is the button we can use to give title to a section of your worksheet or you want to center a piece of text over several rows and columns (say B1 to E1)

a) Center
b) Merge and Center
c) Copy
d) Merge

2. What is the function to find the lowest number in a series of numbers?

a) Sum
b) Avg
c) Min
d) Max

3. ----- Is the function we use to count the number of numbers in a series

a) Sum
b) Avg.
c) Max
d) Count

4. ----- View splits your screen into three major sections (tabs and slide pan and the notes area)

a) Normal view
b) Slide sorter view
c) Slide show
d) None of the above

5. ----- View shows thumbnails of all your slides

a) Normal view
b) Slide sorter view
c) Slide show
d) None of the above

6. To create a new slide ---- is keyboard shortcut key

a) Ctrl+M.
b) Ctrl+N.
c) Ctrl+O.
d) Ctrl+P.

7. To run the slide show what is the functional key we use

a) F4
b) F3
c) F5
d) F2

8. To go to the next slide

a) Press the right arrow key
b) Press the enter key
c) Press the page down key
d) All of the above

9. Go to the previous slide

a) Press the left arrow key
b) Press back space key
c) Press the page up key
d) All of the above

10. End the slide show and return to power point you has to use

a) Ctrl key
b) Tab key
c) Esc key
d) All of the above



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