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Quiz 30 - Computer Awareness

1. A concentric ring on a hard disk is referred to as a

a) Track
b) Sector
c) Table
d) None of the above

2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of generating a flowchart as part of the design of a computer program

a) To test and maintain the efficiency of the overall program
b) To present the steps needed to solve the programming problem
c) To ensure that all methods are appropriately linked
d) To determine the necessary number of global and local variables

3. Which of the following would best facilitate the expansion of a computer program?

a) Incorporation of diagrams into the design documents
b) Minimal use of global variables in the source code
c) Construction of methods that are highly dependent on one another
d) Extensive use of functions, that support the debugging process

4. ---- Is/are the steps that tell the computer how to perform a particular task

a) Data
b) Instructions
c) Information
d) Documentation

5. A computer contain many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as

a) Software
b) Input devices
c) Output devices
d) Hardware

6. ---- Is the most widely used coding scheme used to represent data

b) Unicode
d) Multi code

7. --- Is the most common type of volatile memory

a) ROM
c) Flash Memory
d) RAM

8. A --- is equal to approximately 1 million bytes

a) Kilobytes
b) Mega bytes
c) Giga bytes
d) Tara bytes

9. Two categories of software are

a) Operating System& System Software
b) Utility Programs
c) System software and Utility Programs
d) System software and Application Software

10. Notebook computers

a) Can run on batteries or standard power supply
b) Are less expensive than a desktop with similar capabilities
c) Facilities are less
d) None of the above



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