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Quiz 36- Computer Awareness

1. Sigma button is used for

a) Totaling a Column or row
b) It is a mathematical function
c) Subtracting
d) None of the above

2. What is the correct syntax for typing a function into a cell?

a) Equal sign, Function Name, Matching brackets
b) Function Name, Equal sign, Matching brackets
c) Equal sign, Matching brackets, Function Name
d) None of the above

3. What does ‘ctrl +esc’ do if I am at the desktop?

a) Shows the start menu
b) Shows the format menu
c) Shows the tools menu
d) Shows the insert menu

4. In most Microsoft programs, what does ‘alt+f4’ do

a) Ends the program
b) Opens the program
c) Run the program
d) Modify the program

5. In MS-Word ‘alt+shift+d’ does what

a) Automatically inserts the date
b) Inserts the time
c) Inserts the day
d) None of the above

6. ---- Deletes an item immediately without placing it in the recycle bin

a) Shift +enter
b) Shift +delete
c) Shift +right arrow
d) Shift +left arrow

7. --- Function key refreshes the current window

a) F5
b) F6
c) F7
d) F8

8. To minimize all open windows and display the desktop

a) Windows logo + D
b) Windows logo + E
c) Windows logo + F
d) Windows logo + G

9. ---- Toggles CAPSLOCK On and Off

a) Windows logo + S
b) Windows logo + Q
c) Windows logo + R
d) Windows logo + T

10. ----- Opens mouse properties dialog box

a) Windows logo + J
b) Windows logo + I
c) Windows logo + K
d) Windows logo + L



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