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Quiz 38 - Computer Awareness

1. The earliest calculating devices are:

a) Clock
b) Difference Engine
c) Abacus
d) Calculator

2. The basic operations performed by a computer are:

a) Arithmetic Operations
b) Logical Operations
c) Storage and relative
d) All of the above

3. The man who built the first Mechanical Calculator was:

a) Joseph Marie Jacquard
b) John Mauchly
c) Blaise Pascal
d) Harward Ailken

4. Punched cards were first introduced by

a) Powers
b) Pascal
c) Jacquard
d) Herman Hollerith

5. What does ‘DOS’ stand for?

a) Disk Originating System
b) Dynamic Operating System
c) Disk
d) Operating System

6. What is MS Word?

a) A game
b) An Operating System
c) Word Processing Software
d) Typing tutor software

7. MS Excel is a:

a) Window based word processor package
b) Window based spreadsheet package
c) DOS based spreadsheet package
d) Window based accounting package

8. Power Point can display date from which of the following add-in software of MS-Office:

a) Equation Editor
b) Organization Chart
c) Photo Album
d) All of these

9. The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was:

b) NSF net
c) V net
d) I net

10. Abbreviation of www in, stands for

a) World Word in Wonder
b) World Wide Web
c) World Web is Widening
d) Wonderful World Web



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