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Quiz 42- Computer Awareness

1. The term overflow means

a) An excess of Internal storage
b) An excess of external storage
c) A situation where record cannot fit in to its right place
d) A device, which controls the level of humidity in the computer room.

2. In computer science, by Information we mean

a) Any output coming out from computer
b) A report printed by computer
c) Processed data put in intelligent form
d) Plural of data

3. Which of the following are parts of the CPU?

a) Secondary Memory
b) Control unit
c) Input device
d) Printer

4. The purpose of an application program is to

a) Meet specific user needs
b) Make equivalent run better
c) Allow the operating system to control resources better
d) Convert program written in high-level language to machine level language

5. Micro computers are

a) 8 bit
b) 16 bit
c) 32 bit
d) Either 8 or 16 bit

6. LSTs (Large Integration) used in

a) First generation
b) Second generation
c) Third generation
d) Fourth generation

7. A______ is used as a server in LAN

a) Micro Computer
b) Mini Computer
c) Mainframe Computer
d) Super Computer

8. A _____ can operate at high speeds and can support hundreds of users

a) Micro Computer
b) Mini Computer
c) Mainframe Computer
d) Super Computer

9. COBOL is widely used in ____ applications

a) Commercial
b) Scientific
c) Space
d) Mathematical

10. E-MAIL stands for

a) Electric mail
b) Electronic mail
c) Emergency mail
d) None



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