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Quiz 6 - Computer Awareness

1. Data means the ---- given to a computer.

(a) Information
(b) Input
(c) Values
(d) Raw facts

2. Programs are the sets of ----- that direct the computer.

(a) Commands
(b) Instructions
(c) Values
(d) Variables

3. ------ Are the special codes or keywords that the user inputs to perform a task.

(a) Commands
(b) Instructions
(c) Programs
(d) Software

4. ----- Is the device, which moves cursor around the screen faster than using keystrokes.

(a) Joystick
(b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse
(d) Pointing device

5. ----- Has no ability to process or store data.

(a) Terminal
(b) A Intelligent terminal
(c) A Dumb terminal
(d) None of the above

6. -----Can process or store on its own, at least to a limited extent.

(a) A Intelligent terminal
(b) Terminal
(c) Screen
(d) A dumb terminal

7. Name of the terminal, which is used at supermarkets, departmental stores and restaurants etc.

(a) Intelligent terminal
(b) Point-of-Sale terminal (P-O-S)
(c) Calculating Machines
(d) None of the above

8. CPU stands for ----

(a) Central Processing Unit
(b) Central Protecting Unit
(c) Computer Processing Unit
(d) Central Program Unit

9. VDT refers to ----

(a) Vital Data Transfer
(b) Virtual Data Transfer
(c) Video Desk Terminal
(d) Video Display Terminal

10. The keys on the keyboard, which may be programmed to do a special tasks are the ---

(a) Numeric key pad
(b) Arrow keys
(c) Function keys
(d) Navigation keys



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