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Quiz 8 - Computer Awareness

37. The processor consists of the following parts
(a) CPU & Main memory
(b) Control Unit and ALU
(c) Main Memory and Storage
(d) Operating System and Applications

38. The ALU performs the following actions
(a) Both Calculations & Logical Operations
(b) Only calculations
(c) Checks data for accuracy
(d) None of the above

39. The Megabyte actually equal to --- kilobytes
(a) 1000
(b) 1042
(c) 1024
(d) 1024*1024

40. ----Works like a photocopy machine and creates a digital image
(a) Scanner
(b) Barcode
(c) Printer
(d) Monitor

41. Typing the wrong character is what type of error
(a) Transposition Error
(b) Transcription Error
(c) Typing Error
(d) Technical Error

42. Which of the following is an example of Transcription error
(a) 7355 instead of 3755
(b) Saksi instead of sakshi
(c) 7355 instead of 7455
(d) None of the above

43. Interchanging the two characters is --- type of error
(a) Transposition error
(b) Transcription error
(c) Tying error
(d) Technical error

44. The computer message reads, “Do you want to save the changes made
to Document 1?” The user clicks on the button labeled “YES”. This is an
example of ----
(a) Data Input
(b) User Interaction with the system
(c) A program
(d) None of the above

45. 1 nanosecond means ----
(a) 1 billionth of a minute
(b) I billionth of a second
(c) 1 millionth of a minute
(d) 1 millionth of a second

46. After completion of typing we will get print, this output is called
(a) File
(b) Softcopy
(c) Multimedia
(d) Hardcopy



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