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What experiences we face " if living in space "

Generally we people get the thoughts  to watch the beauty of our universe. Suppose if we (or) Astronauts go to space. Then what happens for us? 

We can not sit at one place. We  will be floating in the spaceship from one end to another.

Water too doesn’t stay at one place. It floats around as blobs. To wash our face or hands we have to catch these blobs and wet paper with them.

We  should be ready to eat very differently there. 

If we observe the Astronauts then the  real fun starts where all of them  float into the dining area of the spaceship and catch the floating food packets!

In space there is no need to use a comb. Our hair kept standing all the time!

Not being able to walk, we have to get used to floating around. We have to learn to do simple things differently. 

To stay at one place, we have to strap ourselves there. 

Papers also have to be stuck to the wall of the spaceship. It was a lot of fun living in space but it is also difficult.


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