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The world famous pashmina shawl

It is believed that a pashmina shawl is as warm as six sweaters! It is very thin yet very warm.

The goats from which the soft pashmina wool is collected, are found on very high altitudes of 5000 metres. 

In winter, the temperature here drops below 0°C (–40°C). A coat of warm hair grows on the goat’s body which protects it from extreme cold. 

The goats shed some of their hair (fur) in summer. This hair is so fine that six of these would be as thick as one hair of ours!

The fine hair cannot be woven on machines and so weavers of Kashmir make these shawls by hand. This is a long and difficult process. 

After almost 250 hours of weaving, one plain pashmina shawl is made.

So lets have a pashmina shawl atleast from next winter


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