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February 20 and 21 Current Affairs


Uganda President, Yoweri Museveni wins new term

President Yoweri Museveni won 68 per cent of votes in poll, allowing him to extend his 25-year hold on power. The commission said challenger Kizza Besigye took 26 per cent of the vote.

China launches its first ocean economic zone

To expand its resource base from the land to the bottom of the ocean, China has launched its first USD 38.6 billion ocean economic zone.

The Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, (SPBEZ) is to be set up at coastal province of Shandong.

The economic zone covers all the offshore waters of Shandong Province with an area of 159,500 square kilometers.

It also covers 64,000 square kilometers of land that includes six cities -- Qingdao, Dongying, Yantai, Weifang, Weihai and Rizhao -- and two coastal counties in Shandong.

The programs covered agricultural technology, new energy utilisation, international logistics, tourism and culture, said Fei Yunliang, head of the construction office of the economic zone.


Centre allocates 6,000 crore under Rajiv Awas Yojana to make cities slum-free

The funds to be given under the Government's Rajiv Awas Yojana, RAY, will be used for construction of over two lakh houses.

Under the scheme 50 per cent of the cost of construction will be borne by the Centre and the rest will be borne by the state government, the urban local body and the beneficiary.

Nayudamma award for Dr. Shanta

V. Shanta, chairperson of the Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai, has been selected for the Y. Nayudamma Memorial Award for 2010.


Caroline Wozniacki wins Dubai tennis title

Women’s number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark has won the singles title of Dubai Tennis Championship.

In one sided final match played in Dubai last night, she defeated world number sixteenth C Kuznetsova of Russia 6-1. 6-3.

Abhinav Bindra wins gold in France

Olympic champion Abhinav Bindra won the air rifle gold in the French GP in Paris.

Bindra shot a total of 698.9 to beat Valerian Sauveplane of France by 0.6 points.

Science and Technology

India to have own satellite navigation system by 2015

India will launch seven satellites in the next four to six years to develop its own version of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for enhancing surveillance capabilities and improving accuracy of its weapon systems.

The Indian Navigation System (INS) satellites would provide coverage over India's areas of interest for military purposes along with its civilian uses, IAF sources told media in Bangalore.

Till now, India is dependent on the American GPS and has signed a deal with Russia for using their GLONAS system but having an indigenous system would guarantee the availability of system during crisis or conflicts.

DRDO develops technology "Sanjeevani", to detect life trapped under debris

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed a special technology to detect human beings trapped under the debris of buildings after earth quakes or land slides.

"It is called Acoustic Life Detector or Sanjeevani. It uses highly sensitive acoustic sensors and audio signals to listen to the low frequency sounds from below the debris.

The acoustic sensors are designed to detect a range of low frequency signals like hitting, tapping, scratching or moaning sounds made by the victims trapped in the rubble of houses and other structures.



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