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Indian Crafts

The Indian states have a wide range of crafts, which have attained commercial proportions not only in India but abroad as well. They make excellent souvenirs for tourists and are sold through various handicrafts emporium. 

Craft making is an ancient tradition in India, which has withstood the test of time, and the tradition has passed on from generation to generation. The Indian craftsmen still adept at making the traditional crafts, which have attracted the attention of connoisseurs of craft all over the world. The famous crafts of each Indian states are as follows:

The crafts of Andhra Pradesh are known for their aesthetic and utilitarian value and the crafts are also rich and flamboyant.

The crafts of Arunachal Pradesh are woodcarvings, weaving, carpet making, pottery and jewelry making.

The crafts of Assam bring out the artistic caliber of people living in the state. Weaving and embroidery are the chief crafts of Assam. 

The crafts of Chattisgarhspeak of the skill and artistic bent of the mind of the people living in the region.

The crafts of Bihar have their own patterns, styles and manifest the rich cultural heritage of the state. The crafts of Bihar include, stoneware, carpet making, glasswork and wood inlays.

The crafts of Goa are a commercial success and reflect the perennial glory of Goa. The chief craft forms in the state are pottery and terracotta, woodwork, brass and metal work, crochet and embroidery, bamboo craft, fibre craft, batik prints and metal embossing.

The crafts of Gujarat have been deftly passed on from generation to generation and are replete with vibrancy. The major crafts of Gujarat are fascinating textiles, elaborately carved wooden and stone jharokhas, bandhini and intricately carved silver jewelry.

The crafts of Haryana have never been widely acclaimed and more than artistic showpieces they are utilitarian in nature.

The crafts of Himachal Pradesh have a relatively good demand in the market and some of the major crafts of the region include textiles, woodcarvings, carpet making and pottery.

The crafts of Jammu and Kashmir are varied and diverse which range from woolen textiles, carpets and delicate designs worked on papier- mache.

The crafts of Jharkhand range from woodwork, bamboo works, pitkar paintings, tribal ornaments and stone carving.

The crafts of Karnataka bear testimony to the dexterity, and decorative abilities of the craftsperson. The crafts of the state include woodcarving, ivory craving, kasuti embroidery, durries, pottery and cheennapatna toys.

The crafts of Kerala bring alive the rich cultural tradition of the people living in the state.

The crafts of Maharastra flourish mainly because of the royal patronage it received in the past. The state is famous for crafts like, bidri ware, lacquer ware, toy making, weaving, printed textiles and Kolhapuri chappals.

The crafts of Madhya Pradesh have attained commercial proportions and are sold in emporiums and shops around the country.

Manipur is a storehouse of crafts and the people here are known to take a lot of interest in make new innovation in the craft.

The crafts of Meghalaya are unique in style and design and one of the famous craft of the state is weaving cane mats.

The crafts of Mizoram are made from locally available materials artistically and efforts are being made to promote the crafts.

The various crafts of Nagaland are woodcarvings, bamboo work, pottery, and black smithy, which have a commercial demand in the local and international market.

The crafts of Orissa are a rare combination of utility and beauty and this makes Orissa one of the leading states in craft making.

The crafts of Punjab are distinctly colourful which speak of the vibrant spirit of the people in the state. The range of crafts in Punjab include phulkari, woodwork, wood inlay, lacquerware, leather craft, floor coverings.

The crafts of Rajasthan have received patronage from royal dynasties in the past. Today, the craft industry is a major source of revenue in the state.

The crafts of Sikkim are as beautiful and magnificent as the scenic beauty of this mountainous state.

The crafts of Tamil Nadu include papier - mache, stone craft, pottery, woodcraft, embroidery, durries and metal ware.

The crafts of Tripura range from cane and bamboo crafts, handlooms and basketry.

Craft making is integrally related with the lives of the people living in Uttar Pradesh. Each city in Uttar Pradesh specializes in one type of craft.

The crafts of Uttaranchal include woodcarvings and ornaments making which have their own distinct style.

The crafts of West Bengal are so exquisite that they have a huge demand not only in the local market but abroad as well. 

Last updated on: 30/09/2019


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