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Newspaper is a textbook for IAS aspirants: expert

Reading a national newspaper is important for the aspirants of civil services/Competitive examinations, according to B. Ramasamy, social scientist and Director, RIAS Civil Services Academy, New Delhi. 

Delivering a special lecture at the IAS coaching programme said during his last 15 years of conducting coaching and training programme to civil service aspirants he had found that those who were familiar with day-to-day affairs had come up with flying colours in civil services examinations. 

They could be familiar with the current affairs only by reading national newspapers. It would be immensely useful in preliminary, main and interview stages. 

“For IAS aspirants, national newspaper is like a text book. If they undertake the reading in a dedicated manner, I think they have a bright chance,” Mr. Ramasamy said. 

Stating that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) had effected a major change in the pattern of examinations for civil services, he said the pattern, which mostly benefited by the upper middleclass people particularly doctors, engineers during the last six decades, had been changed so to benefit all citizens of India.

All people irrespective of rich, poor, crossing barriers of caste, religion should come forward to reap the benefits of new pattern. 

Mr. Ramasamy said the second foremost important work for aspirants was to write extensively on various aspects. 

They must work hard to write so as to get good marks in descriptive aspects. 

If anyone wanted to become an IAS and IPS officer, he or she should preserve the school books and notes for reference. 

They would be immensely helpful to them for scoring good marks.

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