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Forest Fire Control

Fire is one of the major factors responsible for destruction of forests in the country. 

In India, most of the fires are man-made and are generally deliberate and on rare occasions accidental. 

Some of the reasons for intentional fire are grazing, mahua seeds and flower collection, tendu leaf collection, Environment poaching, shifting cultivation, etc. 

In order to reduce the incidents of fire in forests, the following steps have been undertaken by the forest department:

(i) development of firelines and 

(ii) establishment of watchtowers, besides employing firewatchers during fire seasons. 

The UNDP - assisted Modern Forest Fire Control Project, initiated in 1984 in Chandrapur (Maharastra) and Haldwani/Nainital (Uttar Pradesh), is in operation in 11 States of the country.

Financial assistance is provided to the state governments for hand tools, fire-resistant clothing, wireless communication sets, fire-fighting instruments, construction of watch-towers, creation of fire lines, etc.  

The project is being revised to include the monitoring of forest fire incidents in the country.



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