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Lakshadweep, also known as the Laccadive Islands, is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 km off the coast of the South West Indian state of Kerala.

The islands form the smallest Union Territory of India.

The capital city is Kavaratti.

Ten of the islands are inhabited. Lakshadweep is the northern part of the erstwhile Lakshadweepa.

The islands are the northernmost among the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos group of islands, which are actually the tops of a vast undersea mountain range, in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

The land area is 32

The lagoon area is about 4200

The territorial waters area is 20,000 and the economic zone area is 400,000

In 1956, the islands were constituted into a single territory, and since then, have been directly administered by the Union Government through an Administrator.

The Laccadives, Minicoy and Amindivi group of islands were renamed as Lakshadweep in 1973.

Lakshadweep, a group of coral islands consist of 12 atolls, three reefs and submerged sand banks. Of the 27 islands, only 11 are inhabited. These lie scattered in the Arabian Sea about 280 km to 480 km off Kerala coast between 8° and 12° 3' North Latitude and 71° and 74° East Longitude.

The main islands are Kavaratti, Agatti, Minicoy, and Amini.

Coconut is the only major crop with a production of 580 lakh nuts per year. The area under cultivation is about 2,598 hectares. Lakshadweep coconut is branded as an organic product. 

In India, Lakshadweep stands first in coconut production and productivity per hector is 22,310 per hector and average yield per palm per year is 97 nuts. The Lakshadweep coconuts are the highest oil content nuts in the world (72 percent).

The world’s first ever low temperature thermal desalination plant (LTTD) was opened in Kavaratti, one of the Indian Lakshadweep islands.
LTTD technology involves flashing relatively warm sea water (28-30 deg Celsius) inside a vacuum flash chamber and condensing the resultant vapour using deep sea cold water (7-15 °C). The cold water for the Kavaratti plant is drawn at a depth of 350m some 400m from the shore.
The technology was developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). It can be used not only to produce drinking water but also for power generation and air conditioning.

Area 32 sq. km
Population 64,429
Capital Kavaratti
No. of Districts 1
Principal Language Malayalam, Jeseri (Dweep Bhasha) and
Assembly seats None
Lok Sabha seats 1
Rajya Sabha seats None
Judiciary High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam.


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