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Manipur is a state in northeastern India, with the city of Imphal as its capital.

Manipur lies between 23.830 N and 25.680 N latitude and between 93.030 E and 94.780 E longitude.

Manipur consist of Kangleipak kingdom (piori and muslim) and the hills of the tribals and is bounded by the Indian states of Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south and Assam to the west; it also borders Burma to the east. It covers an area of 22,347 square kilometres.

Physically Manipur comprises of two parts, the hills and the valley. The valley is at the centre surrounded by hills on all sides. The hills cover about 9/10 of the total area of the State. Manipur Valley is about 790 metres above the sea level. The hill ranges are higher on the north and gradually diminish in height as they reach the southern part of Manipur.

Manipur became a Union Territory in 1956 and later, in 1972, a full-fledged state of India.

Singda - The place where the Highest Mud Dam in India is located.

Manipur, as the name suggests, is a land of jewels. Its rich culture excels in every aspects as in martial arts, dance, theater and sculpture.

Keibul Lamjao National Park , is the only floating national park of the world.

Loktak Lake is a freshwater lake where most of the people of Manipur get their share of fish. The special treat to watch are the floating islands popularly known as Phumdi which is made out of the tangle of watery weeds and other plants.

Manipur is the first to introduce Oak Tussar Industry ( Sericulture).


Area 22,327 sq. km
Population 27,21,756
Capital Imphal
Districts 9
Main Language Manipuri
Assembly seats 60
Lok Sabha seats 2
Rajya Sabha seats 1
State Day January 21



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