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Project Tiger Reserves

Project Tiger was incorporated in 1973 with nine tiger reserves covering an area of 16,339, which has increased to 37,761 in 27 Tiger Reserves.

The budgetary provision of the Government of India during 1973 was only Rs. 23 million, which has increased to 230 million during 2000-2001.

In the beginning of the 1970s, once tiger hunting had officially been banned in India, a tiger count was done across the entire country. This lead to the astonishing discovery that only 1800 specimens of this magnificent animal were left. This jolted the concerned authorities and some serious thought went into devising plans to save the tiger. The result was the launch of "Project Tiger" in 1972 at the Dhikala Forest Rest House in Corbett National Park.

The main idea behind the project was to provide safe havens for tigers where they could flourish as a species and hopefully reverse the startling decline in their population.

The project initially had 9 parks that were chosen for it's implementation. This number has slowly risen and a total of 19 parks are now attached to the project.

The project was begun in association with and still receives its main funding from the WWF.

Project Tiger Reserves in India :

Name of the Reserve State
Nagarjunasagar Andhra Pradesh
Namdhapa Arunachal Pradesh
Pakhui Arunachal Pradesh
Manas Assam
Nameri Assam
Valmiki Bihar
Indravati Chhatisgarh
Palamau Jharkhand
Bhadra Karnataka
Bandipur Karnataka
Periyar Kerala
Pench Madhya Pradesh
Kanha Madhya Pradesh
Bori Satpura Madhya Pradesh
Bandhavgarh Madhya Pradesh
Panna Madhya Pradesh
Melghat Maharashtra
Tadoba-Andhari Maharashtra
Dampha Mizoram
Simplipal Orissa
Sariska Rajasthan
Ranthambore Rajasthan
Kalakad Mundanthurai Tamil Nadu
Dudhwa Uttar Pradesh
Corbett Uttranchal
Buxa West Bengal
Sundarbans West Bengal

Last updated on: 21/10/2019


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