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Tripura  is a state in North-East India, with an area of 10,490 km2.

It is the third smallest state of India, according to area.

The capital is Agartala.

Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on the north, south, and west. The Indian states of Assam and Mizoram lie to the east.

The main languages spoken are Bengali and Kokborok.

It was formerly an independent Tripuri kingdom and was merged with independent India on 15 October 1949 by the Tripura Merger Agreement.

It was also known as "Hill Tippera" (anglicized version of Tipra) during the British Raj period and has a history of over 2500 years and 186 kings.

The state is connected with the rest of India by only one road (NH-44) that runs through the hills to the border of Karimganj District in Assam and then winds through the states of Meghalaya, Assam and North Bengal to Calcutta.

Tripura was a princely state. The Tripuri Kings (bubagra) held the title of Manikya and ruled Tripura for 3000 years until its merger with the union of India.

The Ganamukti Parishad movement led to the integration of the kingdom with India signed by the Regent Maharani on September 9, 1947 and the administration of the state was actually taken over by the Govt. of India on October 15, 1949 within Assam state.

Tripura became a Union Territory without legislature with effect from November 1, 1956 and a popular ministry was installed in Tripura on July 1, 1963.

On January 21, 1972 Tripura attained statehood.

Wildlife sanctuaries of the state include Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Gumti Wildlife sanctuary, Roa Wildlife Sanctuary, and Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary. National parks of the state include Clouded Leopard National Park, Sepahijola, and Rajbari National Park, Trishna. Gumti is also an Important Bird Area.

Tripura at glance

Area 10,491.69 km2
Population 3,671,032
Capital Agartala
No. of  Districts 4
Principal Language Bengali and Kokborok
Assembly seats 60
Lok Sabha seats 2
Rajya Sabha seats 1
State Day January 21



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