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Military Training Institutes in India

Military Training covers a number of fields such as, Security and Strategic Studies, Defence Management, Artillery, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Marine and Aeronautical Engineering, Anti-Marine Warfare, Hydrography, Logistics and Management & Qualitative Assurance Services.

The training is covered under different programmes.
  • Under ITEC-I Scheme, entire cost of air travel, tuition fees, living allowance, medical and study tours are borne by the Government of India.  
  • Under ITEC-II, only the cost of international travel is met by the beneficiary country and all other charges are borne by the Government of India. There is provision for training under the Self-Financing and Reciprocal Schemes also.

Military Training Centers Place
National Defence Academy Khadakvasla (W. Bengal)
Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)
Rashtriya Indian Military College Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)
National Defence College New Delhi
Defence Services Staff College Welliington
Armed Forces Medical College Pune (Maharashtra)
Officer’s Training School Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
College of Combat, Mhow (Army War College) Armoured Corps Centre and School Deolali
College of Military Engineering Kirkee (Pune) (Maharashtra)
Military College of Telecommunications Engineering Secunderabad (Telangana)
Army Cadet College Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal)
College of Material Management Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
High Altitude Warfare School Gulmarg (J&K)
Army Service Corps School Bareilly (UP)
EME School Secunderabad (Telangana)
Millitary College of Electronics and Mechnical Engineering, Remount and veterinary Corps Centre and School Merrut (UP)
Army Educational Corps Training School and Depot Pune (Maharashtra)
Corpse of Military Police Centre and School Bengaluru (Karnataka)
Army School of Physical Training Pune (Maharashtra)
Army/Air Transport Support School Agra (UP)
Army Clerk Training School Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Army School of Mechanical Transport Bengaluru (Karnataka)
Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School Vairengte
Institution of Nation Integration Pune (Maharshtra)

Last updated on: 29/10/2019


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