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Quiz 10 - Banking and Economic Awareness

Payment of Demand Draft can be stopped by?

1) Payee 
2) Holder
3) Purchaser 
4) All of these
5) None of these

Can any one file an appeal against the order passed by the Banking Ombudsman? If so who is the Appellate Authority?

1) The Chairman of concerned Bank
2) The Deputy Governor of RBI
3) Governor of RBI
4) Finance Minister 
5) None

For which one of the following reasons, the Govt. has approved a plan to infuse Rs. 15000 crore capital into PSBs?

1) To boost their lending capacity
2) To maintain minimum CRAR as per Basel II norms
3) To maintain NP A provuion covemge ration
4) To strengthen the Balance Sheet of Banks 
5) None

What is monetary policy transmission ?

1) It refers to monetary poLicy of Central Bank
2) It refers to fiscaL policy of Govt
3) It refers to various channels through which the monetary policy of a Central Bank alters prices or output in the real economy
4)ALI of these 
5) None of these

On which one of the following issue IMF has supported monetary policy of India?

1) Tightening of monetary policy
2) StimuLus for agriculture sector
3) Concessions for foreign investment
4) Introduction of GST
5) None of these

The advantage of convenience in credit card operations is for?

1) Customer
2) Members Establishments
3) Banks 
4) 1,2and3
5) None of these

Under provisions of which one of the following Acts, CAs/CS have been told to report all suspicious fund transfers?

1) RBI Act
2) Banking Regulation Act
3) Indian Companies Act
4) Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 
5) None

Which one of the following Organisations maintains CRR?

1) RBI 
4) IBA 
5) None

A customer can approach Banking ombudsman if he does not get satisfactory response to his grievance from the bank within how many days?

1) 10 days 
2) 20 days
3) 5 days 
4) 30 days
5) None of these

With which one of the following ‘Channel Financing’ is associated?

1) Retail Lending
2) Corporate Lending
3) SME Lending
4) Supply Chain Finance
5) None of these



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