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Important Developments in the computer Field

Year ScientistDevelopment
1938 Konrad Zuse built the World's First Binary Digital Computer, the Z1
1948 Claude Shannon identified the bit as the fundamental unit of data and the basic unit of computation
1955 -- The first fully transistorised computer, TRADIC developed.
1958 Jack Kilby created the first integrated Circuit.
1960 -- COBOL designed for business use.
1964 -- BASIC Created
1965 -- PDP-8, the first commercially successful mini computer developed
1973 -- Ethernet method of network connection devised.
1984 -- Apple Computer launched the Macintosh, the first successful mouse driven computer.
1989 -- Virtual Reality, a computer generated 3-D environment developed.
1993 -- Intel introduces Pentium Processor
2000 -- Microsoft unveils Windows 2000.
Intel announces Pentium 4
Microsoft unveils its C#(C - sharp) language.

Last updated on: 02/10/2019


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