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"Conservation and Management Plan for Dal-Nigeen Lake in Srinagar", J&K under the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP).

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs(CCEA) has approved the proposal for the project of "Conservation and Management Plan for Dal-Nigeen Lake in Srinagar", J&K under the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP).

It may be mentioned that, while approving the project for Conservation and Management Plan for Dal-Nigeen Lake in Srinagar under NLCP, it was stipulated in Para 2.8 of the CCEA note that re-settlement and rehabilitation (R&R) of families living in the lake is essential for eco-regeneration of the Dal-Nigeen Lake. 

The total cost for R&R of the entire lake population of more than 10000 families is expected to cost around Rs. 486 crore. 

The entire cost of R&R will be borne by the Stale Government as committed by them, and this component is to be implemented concurrently with the main project.

However, during the visit of the Prime Minister to J&K on 28-29, October, 2009, additional central assistance of more than Rs. 350 crore was announced for the rehabilitation of Dal dwellers. 

Subsequently, Planning Commission conveyed its in principle approval of this proposal and decided that the R&R project at an estimated cost of Rs. 356 crore would be funded by the Central Government under Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Plan for J&K (State Sector). 

Accordingly approval of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) was sought to finance the R&R project by the Central Government instead of by the State Government. 



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