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DRDO Conducts Successful Test of Interceptor Missile

DRDO conducted a successful test launch of the interceptor missile on Feb 10th, 2012. DRDO’s Air Defence Missile AAD-05 has successfully hit the ballistic missile and destroyed it at a height of 15 kms off the Coast of Orissa near the Wheelers Island. 

A modified Prithvi missile mimicking the ballistic missile was launched at 1010 hrs from ITR Chandipur. Radars located at different locations tracked the incoming ballistic missile. Interceptor missile was ready to take-off at Wheelers Island. Guidance computers continuously computed the trajectory of the ballistic missile and launched AAD-05 Interceptor Missile at a precisely calculated time. 

With the target trajectory continuously updated by the radar, the onboard guidance computer guided the AAD-05 Interceptor Missile towards the target missile. The onboard radio frequency seeker identified the target missile, guided the AAD-05 Interceptor Missile close to the target missile, hit the target missile directly and destroyed it. Warhead also exploded and destroyed the target missile into pieces.

Radar and Electro Optic Tracking Systems (EOTS) have tracked the missile and also recorded the fragments of target missile falling into the Bay of Bengal. 

It is one of the finest missions where the interceptor has hit the incoming ballistic missile directly and destroyed it at a 15 kms altitude. The mission was carried out in the final deliverable user configuration mode.

India is the fifth nation to have these ballistic missile defence capabilities in the world.

Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri Dr Vijay Kumar Saraswat reviewed the total configuration and mission and also witnessed the launch. Shri Avinash Chander Chief Controller R&D (Missiles) and Shri P Venugopalan, Director DRDL carried out the flight readiness review of both the Target Missile and Interceptor Missile. Shri DS Reddy, Programme Director Air Defence System alongwith his team have carried out all the preparations for the launch successfully. Shri SP Dash, Director ITR, Dr SK Chaudhuri, Director RCI and other top DRDO scientists were present during the mission. The mission was also witnessed by the senior officials of three armed forces.

The Defence Minister Shri Ak Antony has congratulated all the scientists for the successful demonstration of ballistic missile defence. 



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