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India and Israel sign a joint Declaration on Cooperation and Exchange between the Two Countries in the Field of Water Technology

As India and Israel commemorate the 20th anniversary of establishment of full diplomatic relations, the visit of Mr. Kamal Nath, Minister of Urban Development to Israel from 12-14 February 2012 provided an excellent opportunity for a survey of cooperation in Infrastructure development, water treatment and purification technologies.

During the visit, India and Israel signed a Joint Declaration aimed at bringing about long-lasting cooperation and exchange between the two countries in the field of water technology.

Under the Joint Declaration, an India-Israel Working Group will be created with the objective of long-term planning, development, improvement and sharing of technology and other matters related to water, waste water and sewage management. 

The Working Group will also discuss the possibility of demonstration project, pilot study and establishing commercial demonstration centre, which would serve as a platform for presenting innovative technologies to assist in addressing the challenges faced by India, as also matters relating to quality-standard for drinking water, treatment of waste water and re-use of treated waste water.

Mr. Kamal Nath visited Israel on the invitation of Mr. Shalom Simhon, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour of Israel. The visit is aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two countries in the Urban Development sector such as housing, urban planning, water supply, sewage management, water treatment, etc., through sharing of technology, experiences, and best practices.

Earlier Minister Kamal Nath discussed possibilities of cooperation on energy, including renewable energy with Dr. Uzi Landau, Israel’s Minister for Energy and Water Resources. The visiting Minister also held a meeting with Mr. Israel Katz, Minister of Transportation and Road Safety during which the two sides identified tangible areas of cooperation such as urbanisation, town planning and related infrastructure.

In this context, the Minister visited the Shafdan Wastewater Treatment Plant in Rishon Le Zion, which is managed by Israeli National Water Company, Mekorot.

On 14th February, the Minister will speak at a business seminar on “India’s Urbanisation and Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities”. The seminar is being jointly organised by the Embassy of India in Israel, the Israel International Cooperation and Export Institute and the Ministry of Industries, Trade and Labour, Israel. Several Israeli companies will participate in the seminar. 



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