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May 19th Current Affairs

International Issues

Leaders of the G-8 countries meet at Camp David in the United States to discuss debt crisis in Europe and world food security. US President Barrack Obama has already met the new French President Francois Hollande and described the crisis in Europe as of extraordinary importance.

The summit is being dominated by the possible Greek exit from the Eurozone. G-8 countries---the United States, Britain, Cannada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia---will hold their annual summit, which is likely to be dominated by world economy, nuclear situation in Iran and North Korea and energy and climate issues.

President Obama is expected to announce a new public-private partnership funding to tackle hunger in developing countries and market methods to boost production particularly in Africa.

Global food crisis soared in 2008 which led to increase in hunger, malnutrition, social unrest and under investment in agriculture in developing countries.

The leaders of Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania have been invited to attend the G-8 meeting on food security. G-8 nations, African countries, aid agencies and multinational companies will also take part in, what will be known as, the New Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security.

Hollande said a German-led plan to enforce fiscal discipline across the eurozone should be supported by moves aimed at boosting growth.

US House of Representatives has passed a Bill placing some conditions for American aid to Pakistan. The house with the Republican-majority passed the 643 billion dollar defence authorisation bill for 2013 defying the White House veto threat.

The Bill says, US economic and military aid to Pakistan should be based on Islamabad's action against terrorists and Improved Explosives Devices attacks. It prohibits preferential procurement of

goods or services from Pakistan till Islamabad re-opens the crucial NATO supply routes to Afghanistan. The routes were closed after the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers on November 26 last year in a NATO cross-border fire.

The bill also calls for the construction of an East Coast missile defence system in the United States by the end of 2015 and has budgeted 100 million dollars for this.

National Issues

The Centre has decided to revise the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011, incorporating suggestions made by State governments to protect the interests of tribals and the sanctity of gram sabhas.

Bilateral Issues

India and the United Arab Emirates discussed the prospects of closer energy ties including more import of oil, which could partly offset declining purchases from Iran, and investment in the downstream sector such as refineries.

While visiting External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and his visiting UAE counterpart Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan discussed investments in India, officials met on a parallel track to build on last year's 16 per cent increase in import of crude from UAE principalities.


Eminent poet and lyricist Gajanan Verma passed away in his native town Rattangarh in Churu district of Rajasthan. He was 86.

Japanese mountaineer - Tamae Watanbe has become the oldest woman to climb Mount Everest at the age of 73. She broke her own record set by her on May 16 2002 at the age of 63 when she successfully scaled the summit. 

Accompanied by Noriyuki Muraguchi from Japan and three Sherpas, she reached the summit at 7 am from the toughest North side.



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