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Committee to determine the inter-se seniority of the employees of National Airports Authority (NAA)

Shri Ajit Singh, the Minister of Civil Aviation has set up a Committee to determine the inter-se seniority of the employees of erstwhile National Airports Authority (NAA) and International Airports Authority (IAA) which got merged into Airports Authority of India (AAI). 

The Minister has set up this Committee to settle the issue of seniority of the employees of erstwhile NAA and IAA which is pending since they got merged into AAI through an Act of Parliament in 1995.

Taking a strong view that in spite of the recommendations of Justice Jain Committee constituted in 1995 and Krishnamoorthy Committee in 2005, the matter relating to the inter-se seniority of NAA and IAA has not been settled, the Minister has desired that the final list of cadre-wise seniority be finalized within next 45 days. 

The Committee while finalizing the inter-se seniority will examine the recommendations of Justice Jain Committee and Krishnamoorthy Committee set up in 1995 and 2005 respectively and determine the inter-se seniority in accordance with those recommendations and guidelines of Department of Personnel and Training.

The Committee comprises Shri Alok Sinha, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Shri M.Kannan, Economic Advisor, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Shri K.K.Jha, Member (HR) AAI. It will determine the inter-se seniority of all employees in different cadres after identifying principles and parameters for fixation of seniority.

The Committee will accordingly prepare a cadre-wise single and unified provisional seniority within 15 days which would be published on the website and also placed on notice board seeking objections if any from the individual employee in next 15 days before finalizing the same. The final seniority list will be published in another 15 days after disposing off the objections received thereon. 



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