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Modifications of MPLAD Guidelines - Creation of Facilitation Centre at Each District

The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has decided for creation of a common facilitation centre in each district from the MPLADS funds for the convenience of Members of Parliament. The modification of MPLAD Guidelines in this regard has been approved by the Minister of State (I/C) for Statistics and Programme Implementation Shri Srikant Kumar Jena.

According to the modified guidelines, an MP would be entitled for setting up of MPLADS Facilitation Centre in the Nodal District for which space/room would be provided by the DC/DM in the premises of Collectorate/DRDA. The capital cost of setting up such facilities including equipments, furniture, etc. shall not exceed Rs. 5 lakhs and will be met from MPLADS funds.

The main function of this facilitation centre would be to provide to the Members of Parliament all the information at one place relevant for the effective implementation of the scheme. If a District has been opted by more than one MP, the Facilitation Centre will provide service to all these Members of Parliament.

This facilitation centre should work under the direct control of the District Authority and should have persons on contract with adequate computer operating knowledge to manage the Centre. The strength and number of these persons managing the Centre would be minimum one and can be more than one in case the nodal district is serving more than one M.P. However, the district authority can decide upon the number of persons required for the facilitation centre in consultation with the MPs.

The facilitation centre should have computer with internet facility and other related facilities. The persons managing the facilitation centre should ensure that all the information about the on-going MPLADS works in the district, information on all the completed works, up to date financial information and up to date MPLADS guidelines and circulars are available in the facilitation centre. Apart from this, the facilitation centre should also display details of on-going MPLADS works and should also maintain details of shelf of projects.

The facilitation centre should have their own e-mail address. If required, the district authority should take the assistance of the district NIC cell in establishing such a facilitation centre. Further district authority should ensure that the persons engaged on contract for managing the facilitation centre should be well behaved and courteous.

The recurring running expenses will be booked under 2% administrative charges, of which the Nodal Districts gets 0.8%.



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