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Quiz 43 - Computer Awareness

1. Digital Camera is an:

1) Input Device
2) Output Device
3) Storage Device
4) Controller Device
5) None of these

2. Adwords is a(n) .......:

1) Advertising Service by Microsoft
2) Advertising Service by Google
3) Advanced Search Engine
4) Automatic words Search Engine by Yahoo
5) Advertising Service by Yahoo

3. When a computer is switched on, during which process POST is performed?:

1) In booting process
2) In integrity process
3) During reliability test
4) In shut down process
5) None

4. Which of the following is the largest storage?

1) Mega Byte
2) Kilo Byte
3) Giga Byte
4) Byte
5) Tera Byte

5. Application software contains programs designed for a(n) ..........

1) Computer Administrator
2) Computer Programmer
3) Initiator
4) End User
5) None of these

6. System Software includes which of the following?

1) Linkers
2) Debuggers
3) Loaders
4) Compilers
5) All the above

7. Which of the following best defines batch processing?

1) Sharing of a computing resource among many users
2) Execution of bulk jobs at a time
3) Allocation of computer system and its resources to more than one user
4) Execution of series of jobs on a computer without manual intervention
5) None of these

8. Which of the following is true about RAM and ROM?

1) They belong to internal storage
2) They are directly accessible
3) They are read only memories
4) All of these
5) Only 1 and 2

9. The secret code that restricts entry to some programs / software is:

1) Password
2) Pass code
3) Entry - code
4) Access code
5) None of these

10. Which of the following is true about CPU?

1) It contains electronic circuits that cause processing to occur
2) It makes the information resulting from processing available for use
3) It allows data, programs, commands to be entered into a computer
4) It is comprised of electronic components that store data
5) None of these



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